Vol. 10
March Issue
Year 2009


in Vol. 10 - March Issue - Year 2009
Modern turbine technology for shot-blast machines

The AGTOS high-performance turbine featuring a sturdy housing made of manganese steel. State-of-the-art design reduces assembly times.

AGTOS constructs shot-blast machines individually made according to the customer’s requirements. High performance turbines are used which also prove themselves during modernization of elder blast machines from other manufacturer. They create decisive advantages in terms of operation and maintenance of the units.

The AGTOS high performance turbine is a rugged aggregate structure that is extremely efficient due to a reduced number of wear parts and a high abrasive flow rate, which brings down the maintenance times compared with other turbines. That saves maintenance costs.

The patented shot-blast turbines are equipped with six blades, on one side attached to a single disc. For assembly, normal tools are sufficient. Compared to other turbines, the blasting wheel only has six blades instead of eight or more. Moreover, the distance bolts which are required for double disc wheels are not needed anymore. The spare part costs are already reduced by the low number of wear parts. In addition, there are fewer components disturbing the flow of the abrasives (no velocities), which improves the blasting result at the same power consumption levels.

Author: Ulf Kapitza
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