Vol. 3
February Issue
Year 2002


in Vol. 3 - February Issue - Year 2002
The MP 1500 CNC Shot Peening Machine Range

MP 1500 Ti CNC shot peening machine delivered to Shenyang Liming Aeroengine Group. / China

MP 1500 Tx CNC shot peening machine delivered to Derendinger / Switzerland

Special spindle BR1-10 for high precision peening of small holes and slots

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USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann is part of the global USF Surface Preparation Group and is center of excellence in the design and manufacture of airblast control shot peening and precision abrasive for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries.

The reference for aircraft engines components shot peening processes.

Developed in close co-operation with aerospace manufacturers and specialists worldwide, the MP 1500 CNC shot peening machine range is designed to offer the most performing productivity and utilises the ultimate computerised process control and automatism technologies that can handle even the most complex components geometries.
Representing the state-of-the-art in aerospace shot peening, the "MP 1500" range can process the widest variety of parts from aero engines of any manufacturer to improve or restore their resistance to fatigue. These include turbine discs, fan discs, compressor rotor disks, spools, blade aero foils and roots as well as some structure components made from Inconel, steel, aluminium or titanium alloys.
The " MP 1500 Ti " version includes an accurate turntable mounted on a revolving arm allowing the loading of the components outside the blast chamber. The table accepts components of 1500 mm maximum diameter, 1000 mm height and 500 kg.
Alternatively, the "MP 1500 Tx" version offers a similar turntable mounted on one linear axis providing an extra working stroke of 600 mm, as well as a total sliding stroke of 300 mm for easy loading and unloading of the components.

The four axis robot fitted on the roof of the machine allows moving and accurate positioning of the blast nozzle with a horizontal stroke of 1500 mm; a vertical stroke of 1000 mm, and a rotating wrist equipped at its bottom end with a tilting axis (+/- 180°). 

The large blast chamber is fitted with doors for easy access and programming with a pitless pneumatical recovery. The standard shot recycling system includes dedicated devices for size and shape calibration of two kinds of shot sizes in accordance with SAE and MIL standards. Other classification systems for glass beads, ceramic beads, aluminium oxide or mix are available.
High precision "G7" peening generators are ensuring an accurate peening process with their dedicated air pressure, airflow and shot flow closed loop regulator.
The machine is operated through a multi axis interpolated CNC programmable in ISO language and "Teach in" mode. The machine is supplied with a PC, printer and USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann supervision software including the following facilities :
-Maintenance assistance with real time flow-charts
-Equipment and process control procedure
-Storage / transfer of part programs with graphic identification facilities
-Dynamic recording and storage of quality reports for each part processed.
Various options are available such as :
-Second nozzle manipulator (3/4 axis) on top or side wall
-Table with 4 or 20 numerical satellites for fan blades and airfoil batch treatment
-Special spindle BR1-10 system for high precision processing of small holes and slots
-Hydraulic vertical sliding door
-Low height recovery arrangement

Recently, both Shenyang Liming Aero - Engine Group Corp. in China and Derendinger (RUAG Group) in Switzerland have chosen USF Wheelabrator Sisson Lehmann for supplying the most advanced "MP 1500"  shot peening facilities.

Author: Alain Portebois, Dominique Schwab
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