Vol. 10
July Issue
Year 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
A "smart" mass finishing concept for different materials

An essential part of the production at the Haslbach plant of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen is one R

Two centrifugal filters of the type Z 1000 ASS-II-Turbo are utilized for cleaning and recycling of two waste water streams, one for processing of steel/aluminum parts and one for brass/copper parts.

 In the Spotlight

As an all-round supplier, Rösler GmbH is an international market leader in the production of surface finishing, shot blasting machines, painting systems and preservation lines as well as process technology for the rational surface finishing (deburring, descaling, sand removal, polishing, grinding…) of metals and other components. Besides the German plants in Untermerzbach and Bad Staffelstein, the Rösler Group has branches in Great Britain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and USA.

Surface Finishing Solutions for Components Utilized in the Energy Sector For many years Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, manufacturer of components for the energy sector, has worked on optimizing its surface finishing operations in line with market requirements. It came as no surprise that this experience was utilized in their new manufacturing plant in Haslbach.

The core business of the Reinhausen group consisting of the mother company, founded in 1868, and 19 subsidiary companies all over the world, is the control of high performance transformers. Such controls consist mainly of step switches which – combined with other innovative products and services – ensure a trouble free supply of electricity. The manufacture of networked hollow insulators and high voltage control and diagnostic systems are also part of Reinhausen’s product range. To prevent malfunction all these products must have a high-quality surface finish. The wide variety of stampings, bent parts, castings, etc., made from steel, aluminum, copper and brass are processed  in modern  surface finishing systems from Rösler taking into account the different surface finish, quality and productivity requirements for the various materials. Based on the experience at the mother company in Regensburg, Reinhausen and Rösler technical personnel jointly developed and implemented a modern mass finishing concept for the new operation in Haslbach.

Centrifugal Disk Finishing – High Performance with a Minimum of Space Requirements

An essential part of the new concept is the high speed centrifugal disk finishing system FKS 55.1 A2. The optimum geometry of spinner and work bowl guarantees excellent finishing results within very short processing times. Such results are only achievable by utilizing special grinding media which is characterized by a high metal removal rate and, at the same time, a high uptime (low wear rate). Of course, the centrifugal disk finishing system has certain limits with regard to size and weight of the parts to be finished.

Extra Power for Larger Components – with the High Speed Rotary Vibrator
Frequently, manufacturing capacity must grow, but the necessary space for additional equipment is missing! This also happened at Reinhausen, where new parts with a length of up to 320 mm and a weight of 650 g needed to be finished. To allow for the scarce space in Haslbach, the Rösler engineers developed the rotary vibrator R 780 Euro-HS. By installing a high performance vibratory motor, re-enforcing the work bowl and machine base and changing the spring arrangement, the Rösler engineers could double the productivity of this machine compared to a standard rotary vibrator of the same size: Processing times were cut in half which doubled the throughput. A welcome side effect was that the media consumption only increased by 30 to 40 %. This represents a tremendous efficiency boost!

The processing intensity of this machine allows the use of plastic media type RKM 40P for all parts to be surface finished. This media has a pyramid shape, and because of its special composition it offers a high uptime. The R 780 Euro-HS high speed vibratory system is equipped with a sound cover with apron. This reduces the noise level -- despite the high grinding intensity – down to 78 dB(A)!

Optimum Recycling of the Process Liquid

The surface finishing of different metals with the potential of corrosion required the installation of an elaborate waste water treatment system. This problem was resolved by installing two centrifugal filters of the type Z 1000 ASS-II-Turbo, one for recycling of the process liquid from the finishing process for steel/aluminum parts and one for brass/copper parts. These two totally separated recycling systems – equipped with their own pumps, valves and lifting stations – are controlled by one central control panel with PLC. The overall system includes an evaporator allowing the disposal of contaminated process liquid. The evaporator, however, can also supply the recycling system with clean water. This ensures a constant quality of the process liquid, and it reduces the requirement for city water to an absolute minimum.

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