Vol. 10
July Issue
Year 2009


in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
Modern Surface Technology for Jöst Schwingungstechnik

Open-space paint spraying area. In the background: Movable telescopic dryer in parked position.

Open-space paint spraying area with movable telescopic dryer

Blastroom with media recovery system covering the whole floor

The internationally acting company Jöst manufactures units which recycle and convey bulk materials by means of vibration technology. From small punching sheets up to 12 m long welded constructions with a weight of up to 20 t are processed in the engineering department. Here, the task of SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH, 48268 Greven, Germany, was to provide a new hall with  preparation, paint spraying and drying equipment.

Optimum conditions for the paint application on structures are achieved by shot blasting treatment which removes all kinds of contamination like forge scales and rust. The blastroom with the dimensions of 15 x 6 x 6 m has an ample design for these purposes.

Depending on the workpiece size either a paint spraying installation for small parts or an open-space paint spraying area for large components is available in the paint shop. Small parts up to a length of approx. 1,5 m and a max. weight of 1 t can be coated on the paint spraying booth, while large workpieces are treated on the open-space area. This working area within the hall has a length of 30 m, has a working width of 8 m and a working height up to the bridge crane of 7 m. Lengthwise the paint spraying area is divided into two sections of each 15 m so that preparation, paint spraying and drying can be performed alternately. Thus, one of the outstanding advantages of this paint spraying system is the fact that the operator can adapt the required work space and the application entirely to the respective component.
Due to the large hall the energy expenditure plays an important role regarding the economical efficiency so that great importance is attached to the patented "sectional ventilation system". For this purpose the ceiling of the hall was provided with 30 switchable long-range nozzles above the paint spraying area.
Usually the painted workpieces are placed into a dryer for evaporation and drying. In this case the process is vice versa, the dryer moves to the workpiece. A 15 m long, 8 m wide and 5 m high telescopic dryer with two large roll-up doors moves over the painted components by actuation of a key button. As this movable and telescopic dryer is provided with a roll-up door of 6 x 5 m on both ends, the use of the 30 m long open-space paint spraying area is notably versatile.

Author: Norbert Küsters
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