Vol. 10
November Issue
Year 2009


in Vol. 10 - November Issue - Year 2009
Evolution and Revolution in Abrasive Metering Valves

Fina II valve

Fina II with nipple removed

Fina II with plunger assembly withdrawn

Plana II valve

Plana II cross sectional view

Over the past decade of industrial blast cleaning, the need for higher efficiency and lower maintenance abrasive metering valves to cater for all abrasives types became more and more evident as inherent weaknesses in existing valves in the market continue to remain unresolved.
With feedback from the global blast cleaning industry including large end users, distributors and leading OEM companies, Pan Abrasives summarizes the abrasive metering valve features demanded by the market as follows:

Flow control system to ensure a consistent flow of abrasive media at all times
Control of the abrasive flow ensuring quick start up without abrasive wastage.
Use of the same abrasive metering valve for both mineral and metallic abrasives
Ease of serviceability including abrasive discharge and clean out ports
Upgraded valve materials and coatings with reduced component count for more durability and extended service life
Fina Series II Abrasive Metering Valves - Design Evolution

As the successor to the proven PanBlastTM Fina Valve, the Series II is the lowest profile valve in the PanBlastTM range of abrasive valves while still offering one of the highest degrees of abrasive metering adjustment available to the industry to date.  
The valve is designed to meter any commercially available abrasive from delicate plastic media abrasives through to aggressive metallic abrasives such as steel grit and shot. The valve design permits easy dismantling of all the valve components with minimal downtime compared to traditional older style abrasives valves within the industry.

Features and Benefits of the PanBlastTM Fina II Valve include:
Valve component replacement can be undertaken without the need for complete valve removal from the blast machine
Metering knob, plunger and urethane sleeve can be removed from the main valve body as an integral sub-assembly
Metering knob indicator allows for visible and precise abrasive metering adjustment, taking away the guess work from abrasive flow adjustment
Emptying or purging of the blast machine can be done via the 1" (25 mm) drain port within the main valve body, normally sealed with a 1" stainless steel plug when not in use
Complete elimination of abrasive and air leakage points via revised mounting and locking arrangement of the (55 HRC) case hardened pipe nipple
Impact proof metering control knobs produced from PA66 polyamide reinforced nylon
Urethane sleeves and seals are manufactured from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) instead of standard PU, thereby overcoming the inherent problems of casting bubbles, inconsistent hardness and rough exterior surface finish
All valve components are hard anodized with the exterior surfaces additionally coated in a high grade DuPont powder coating
Upgrade kits are available to upgrade existing Fina Valves to the latest Series II Valve providing an upgrade path to customers without fully writing off their investment in the standard Fina Valve
Plana Series II Abrasive Metering Valve – Design Revolution

The traditional flat type abrasive metering valves have been in market circulation for well over two decades without any upgrades or improvements made to the existing design.  Fans of this type of valve have chosen to live with its inherent weaknesses and use it within its range of capabilities, avoiding its use in applications where valve jamming might occur. 
All this is set to change with the market introduction of the PanBlastTM Plana Series II Valve which can be used for a multitude of abrasives from mineral abrasives such as garnet to metallic abrasives such as steel grit.

Features and Benefits of the PanBlastTM Plana II Valve include:

Unique revamped design of the upper and lower valve chambers to significantly reduce abrasive friction drag within the valve cavity, resulting in reduced operator efforts for valve metering handle adjustment, elimination of valve seizure and premature metering handle breakage
Valve body construction and internal metering components have been re-developed with higher durability materials, significantly increasing the operational service life of the valve by up to 300% compared to traditional aluminum flat type valves
Integrated dual upper and lower internal urethane seal arrangement ensuring uninterrupted abrasive flow path within the valve
Simplified valve construction with reduced internal metering component count and upgraded heavy duty circular metering handle increases valve durability while lowering operational running costs
Addition of a ¾" (19 mm) drain port on the lower valve chamber and a ¼" (6 mm) purge line port on the upper valve chamber allowing for periodic internal valve cleaning without valve disassembly
Valve exterior surfaces are coated in a high grade DuPont powder coating for extended service life

The Value Proposition: Innovative Product Design and Premium Product Quality at Non-Premium Prices

Both Fina and Plana Series II valves are available in BSP and NPT configurations to suit all markets. Pan Abrasives would also be pleased to supply these proprietary valves in third party branding and color schemes to other industry OEM’s as well as master distributors worldwide.

Pan Abrasives is uniquely positioned in the global blast cleaning industry and continues to forge ahead with innovative product designs and solutions utilizing its extensive support networks:

Shanghai, China is used as the base for its 100% owned and managed manufacturing facility to provide long term supply of premium quality products at competitive prices
Melbourne, Australia is used as the base for new product design and development, plus bench and field testing of new prototypes and products such as the Fina and Plana Series II Valves
Singapore is used as a global distribution point and is staffed with an International sales team which works with our customers, receptive and responsive to both ideas for new products and for design improvements on existing products.

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