Vol. 11
January Issue
Year 2010


in Vol. 11 - January Issue - Year 2010
Automatic Abrasive Blasting Machines

Fully automatic abrasive blasting with rotating drum. Specially designed 6 ankle drum with rubberlining and lid for opening and automatic emptying of drum. PLC with operator interface. Pneumatic doors. Elevatorbelt for loading of goods. Vibration and positioning of goods.

Automatic blasting of stainless steel covers for electric motors. 100% pneumatic working process including pneumatic gearmotor and timer. 7 pcs. automatic adjustable guns.

Manual blasting is very hard and an inconvenient and sometimes even health endangering operation. The operator is exposed to dust, high level of noise and physical strain, which is in many cases not an acceptable situation. Demo Maskindesign in Denmark, decided in the early 1980 to make automated machines for abrasive blasting. The company has over 30 years experience in developing and producing automated machines for abrasive blasting using several types of media. The Danish manufacturer produced hundreds of automatic turntable machines for auto repair shops. Starting in 1985 their main products were robots and fully automated machines for abrasive blasting. The customers come from a broad spectrum of different industries.

They  specialize in the finishing of materials such as:

• stainless steel
• titanium
• aluminium
• brass
• plastic
• automatic cleaning of moulds from the plastic industry
• automatic normal blasting
• automatic microblasting

High-end equipment in the area of fully automated blasting machines are either computerised or have timers to control the process. The machines can be adopted with PLC controls with touch screens showing the process and can carry out different programs for various work-pieces of various sizes.

The automatic blasting machine guns can be moved horizontally and vertically. Multiple work-pieces may be processed at the same time. Automatic blasting time can be programmed. The automatic abrasive blasting machines can be equipped with cyclone separators and cartridge collectors.

Low Cost Machines

Demo Maskindesign developed a pneumatic gear motor and a pneumatic timer, so many of the machines are now made 100% pneumatic driven. A special technical system saves compressed air, so the users have very low running costs. The machines have been designed for the automated treatment of series-produced components and to undergo cleaning, tumbling, and deburring both inside and out.

Some of the media that can be used in these machines are glass beads, aluminium oxide, urea or other plastic abrasives, corn cob grit, soda sodiumhydrogencarbonate, silicon carbide and steel grit or steel shot.

For Information:
Demo Maskindesign
Kastanievej 3
4060 Kirke Saaby, Denmark
Tel. +45.46.492976
E-mail: info@demomaskindesign.dk