Vol. 11
March Issue
Year 2010


in Vol. 11 - March Issue - Year 2010
A Clear Revolution In Breathing Air Filtration Systems

VisiFlo premium

VisiFlo premium

VisiFlo standard vertical with CO monitor

VisiFlo premium vertical with CO monitor

VisiFlo premium horizontal with CO Monitor

VisiFlo premium horizontal wall mount with CO monitor and micro mist separator

VisiFlo premium - cartridge removal exploded view

In an ever-increasing safety minded workplace, one of the most critical facets of the blast cleaning industry is the supply of breathing quality air to the blasting operator. Yet the development of air filtration equipment in this field has remained static for many years. Pan Abrasives recognized this and set about redesigning the traditional vapor and particulate blast cleaning airline filtration unit with the following criteria:

• Use of modern materials to widen the scope of the design possibilities and options.
• An emphasis on improving the safety capabilities of the unit.
• Integrate previously developed remote safety systems into the unit.
• A compact design with multiple mounting solutions.
• Capacity for the increased supply pressures delivered by today’s air compressors.
• Ease of maintenance and upkeep, critical to Personal Protective Equipment devices such as a breathing air filter.
• A durable and robust design that can perform in extreme climatic conditions and the tough environment of abrasive blast cleaning.
The result of this program is the PanBlast™ VisiFlo Respirator Airline Filter, a unique design that offers the operator the ability to visually check the condition of the incoming air and the physical condition of the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge is no longer hidden within an aluminum or steel body accessible only via a bolted flanged lid, it is visible at all times due to the use of a clear poly carbonate Makrolon® tube that houses the filter cartridge. The tube has molded strengthening ribs and has been tested at sub zero and +60°C temperatures and has withstood crush testing to 5.5 tons in a hydraulic press while retaining original form after load removal.

Pan Abrasives also integrated their AirScan Carbon Monoxide Alarm into the VisiFlo, allowing for continual sampling and monitoring of the airflow. The VisiFlo has a pressure rating of 1030Kpa or 150 psi, which gives it the ability to be piped directly into compressed air systems. Maintenance has been addressed with a simple sealing cap arrangement giving quick and easy access to the filter cartridge making change over a simple exercise; reducing down time while ensuring the operator’s safety. 
Pan Abrasives stayed with the tried and proven cartridge filter from their existing PBF range of Respirator Airline Filters, making the cartridge interchangeable between both filter series.

Features and benefits of the PanBlast ™ VisiFlo include:

• The use of a clear poly carbonate Makrolon® filter housing tube, allowing visual checks on the condition of the cartridge filter and the incoming air whilst the filter is in operation. An entry-level unit is also available with an anodized aluminum filter housing tube, providing a VisiFlo solution for every budget.
• A supply pressure capacity of 1030 kPa or 150 psi protected by a pressure relief valve and fitted with a pressure gauge.
• The unit can be used in ambient temperatures of -20°C (-4°F) to +60°C (+140°F) and is virtually indestructible.
• For maintenance of the filter cartridge, a sealing cap held in position by four screws has been utilized allowing quick and easy access to the cartridge filter.
• The unit can be installed in either horizontal or vertical orientations and can also be wall mounted if required. Optional drain ports are supplied to suit the installation orientation selected.
• The unit is fitted with a four outlet anodized aluminum manifold. Each outlet is supplied with a dual action quick connect coupling and the manifold is fitted with an 860 kPa or 125 psi pressure relief valve as required by most international safety authorities.
• Controlling the air supply to the manifold is a high capacity air flow regulator fitted with a pressure gauge, which allows the operator to adjust the air flow to suit the length of respirator airline hose connected to the manifold and the type of respirator in use.
• The addition of an optional integrated carbon monoxide monitor alarm allows for the continuous sampling of the incoming air and should the carbon monoxide reach or exceed a preset level both audible and visual alarms are activated.
• Both housing end caps have anodized surfaces with additional DuPont powder coating protection on the exterior.

In addition to the VisiFlo, Pan Abrasives have maintained their existing PBF range of filters; this include the PBF1, 3, 4 and Junior models. They have in common with the VisiFlo the same cartridge filter, but are vertical floor mounted units with a steel body and bolted flanged top lid. The PBF1 is fitted with a single outlet supplying one operator while the PBF3 & 4 are fitted with a multiple outlet manifold to supply three or four operator

Features common to the PBF range are:

• The steel body is coated in a high grade DuPont powder coating to ensure the integrity of the unit as an air filter.
• A body housing pressure relief valve.
• An outlet pressure regulator and gauge.
• Utilization of the PanBlast™ dual action quick connections as used on the VisiFlo.
• Optional Micro Mist separator kits giving filtration down to 0.5 micron if required.

Pan Abrasives would be pleased to supply these proprietary filters in third party branding and colour schemes to other industry OEM’s as well as master distributors worldwide.

Pan Abrasives is uniquely positioned in the global blast cleaning industry and continues to forge ahead with innovative product designs and solutions utilizing its extensive support networks:

• Shanghai, China is used for its 100% owned and managed manufacturing facility to provide long term supply of premium quality products at competitive prices.
• Melbourne, Australia is used as the base for new product design and development, plus bench and field-testing of new prototypes and products such as the VisiFlo.
• Singapore is used as a global distribution point and is staffed with an International sales team that works with our customers, receptive and responsive to both ideas for new products and for design improvements on existing products.

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