Vol. 11
March Issue
Year 2010

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 11 - March Issue - Year 2010
Nadcap Audit Preparation

Arshad Hafeez

Chemical Processing

Heat Treating

Non-Destructive Testing

There have been two important developments for PRI’s professional development program, eQuaLearn, recently. 
Firstly, in January 2010, PRI’s professional development program eQuaLearn re-introduced the series of Nadcap special process courses under a new name. Now called Nadcap Audit Preparation, they were formerly named Introduction to Nadcap Special Processes.
Developed in response to customer feedback, the courses cover a range of special processes including chemical processing, heat treating and non-destructive testing. There is a course for each special process with more anticipated.
eQuaLearn’s Nadcap Audit Preparation courses are one or two-day courses designed to provide a complete overview for companies that need to understand how to prepare for a Nadcap special process audit, and learn the detailed requirements of each Nadcap Task Group. They are conducted throughout the year in a variety of locations around the world. They cover a range of topics including the scope and structure of the Nadcap audit, common non-conformances and a review of the audit checklists.  Each course is taught by a qualified Nadcap expert, which provides an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from their unique insight.
Arshad Hafeez, PRI Executive Director for Global Business Operations and Corporate Strategies, explains: “Nadcap is highly regulated by the Government agencies and defense services, mainly because of the higher risk involved. The original concept was to standardize the scrutiny to which sub-tier suppliers to the final aircraft assemblers are subject within a single organization a unified approach that would use best practice. Now conducting nearly 4,000 audits worldwide each year, Nadcap accreditation is, in many instances, an established prerequisite throughout the aerospace supply chain."
“To obtain accreditation, there are procedural and technical requirements that each supplier must adhere to. For companies new to the program – and for new recruits who have limited understanding of Nadcap – there has been no structured professional development opportunity until now.”
Secondly, in December 2009, eQuaLearn launched a new look for their website. The new web design makes it quicker and easier for users to identify courses in their local area and learn more about the training, including the new courses such as Introduction to Aerospace Quality and Root Cause Corrective Action. 
Learn more about the eQuaLearn Nadcap Audit Preparation courses and see the new web design at  www. eQuaLearn.com