Vol. 11
November Issue
Year 2010


in Vol. 11 - November Issue - Year 2010
New Type of Application with High Finishing Level

TEP-300-HD and TEP-CUBE-300-HD (trolley complete with tank) to allow the tank substitution

TEP-300-HD, with the tank in the machine

TEP-300-HD-M6 machine complete with M6 "multi-drill" head

TEP-600-HD standard machine

The finishing with "polytrophic" frames of the new series IPERMATIC TEP machines is an innovative type of application able to ensure extremely high finishing levels on parts that require high quality standards. It is a combination of mass finishing techniques, together with mechanical finishing like polishing, smoothing and grinding. This kind of machine allows one to fix the work-pieces on suitable frames, avoiding shocks and chipping between the parts or any other disturbance that may occur during mass finishing like barreling and/or classic vibrofinishing. The improved processes allow finishing levels with final roughness equal to 0,02?m RA for work-pieces with metal turning surfaces. The results are excellent and it is possible to obtain different effects like satinization and polishing.
On the other hand this kind of machines offers economic and convenient use of standard media that are used for barreling and vibrofinishing processes (abrasives, granulates, etc.).
The IPERMATIC TEP line is equipped with a high automation level of sub-cycles, single or multi stations and requires a small investment compared to robotic finishing stations or traditional mechanical machines. While a robotic system is able to finish for example up to 70 parts per hour, a TEP is able to process 96 parts per hour. That is the ratio 3:1 up to 4:1 as investment reduction.

Comparing the costs of the finishing material, one will find that they are cheaper than the ones for the robotic machines. The cost per work-piece with the IPERMATIC TEP lines is extremely competitive and the finishing results are difficult to obtain with robots or mechanical systems of the third generation.

The integration of this technique is suitable for work-pieces of a dimension of a few millimeters to bigger objects of around 200-250mm.

The IPERMATIC TEP is a multi-spindler machine series, for dry processes divided in two model systems as described below:

• TEP-200-HD with three rotary-frames of 6 dm3 volume each;
• TEP-300-HD with four rotary-frames of 6 dm3 volume each;
• TEP-400-HD with six rotary-frames of 6 dm3 volume each;
• TEP-600-HD with six rotary-frames of 14 dm3 volume each;
• TEP-700-HD with eight rotary-frames of 14 dm3 volume each
The complete range of IPERMATIC TEP machines is composed of 5 models in over 50 versions.

Author: Paolo Redaelli
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