Vol. 3
August Issue
Year 2002


in Vol. 3 - August Issue - Year 2002
It's a Blast

Volker Klein, Managing Director

For mobile and stationary blasting, Klein offers completely scaled blasting tanks

Custom-made, modular blast rooms in any dimension

With over 50 years of experience, the company Franz Klein GmbH & Co. offers its customers a full range of blasting supplies, from nozzles to complete, custom-made blasting halls. Based on many years of success, the company is currently gearing up for growth in the high-tech sectors.

Tailor-made products are not a problem for Franz Klein GmbH & Co.. The experts for blasting equipment can supply everything from a portable blasting tank to complete halls with the latest in technology. Looking to a future of growth, the company is planning to expand its activities in the area of microchip production, aiming to increase revenues within the coming years. The German company's products range from TETRABOR nozzles to simple shot blasting booths, fully computer controlled blasting automates, and extensive blast and coating rooms equipped with the latest technology. Along with completely sealed blasting tanks, the company also manufactures automatic multi-nozzle blasting units to meet the requirements of different materials, from aluminium profiles to electronic chips, diamond drills and saw blades, sheets of glass,  synthetic sinks and blue jeans. The units can be produced as stand-alone machines with satellite rotary tables, automatic feed and discharge units, or fully integrated into production lines.
Franz Klein GmbH & Co. can also construct custom-made modular blast rooms in any dimension from steel panels. The rooms come equipped with highly efficient filters which clean and recycle the air so that it can be returned to the blast room. The rooms can also be supplied with semi-automatic or fully automatic abrasive reclaim systems which transport the spent abrasive to a special cleaning unit, where it purified. With this system, abrasives can be reused up to 500 times, saving large amounts of money.
One of the most promising business sectors using blast room technology is microchip manufacturing. According to a market analysis from Siemens AG, the need for blasting units in the area of microchip production will not be covered within the next 20 years. "We see a large chance for growth in this sector and are currently taking action to expand our activities, by constructing more automatic blasting and specialty machines," states Managing Director Volker Klein." In the past, we have built twelve installations for Siemens, and we will be continuing on this path, with four orders for further machines in 2001."
The company's strengths include complete consultation services, high quality products and punctual delivery. "Together with our partners, the company Camphausen in Mülheim, which manufactures steel tanks, and the Dutch company Sybrandy, which constructs blasting halls and automatic blasting equipment, we are able to create tailor-made products designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual customer," Volker Klein adds. As an additional service, the Klein company also assists with financing, for example by helping clients to use and exploit opportunities finance. This extra service has made them well known in the trade and earned them many new clients through customer recommendations.
With twelve employees, the German manufacturer has been active in the market for over 50 years. Mr. Franz Klein, the father of the current Managing Director, founded the company in August 1949. During the first five years of business, Klein mainly sold wood processing machines and later began building sand blasting machines for different customers. Until the 1970's, the company's main activities included portable blasting machines for construction sites. From 1975 to 1980, Klein entered the sector of stationary blasting machines, which results from new environmental regulations. In the future, the company is planning on furthering its line of business.

Author: Volker Klein
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