VOL. 1 December ISSUE YEAR 2000


in Vol. 1 - December Issue - Year 2000
Compact Blast Wheels with Reversible Rotation for a wide Range of Applications
"U" Blast Wheel by Georg Fischer Disa

"U" Blast Wheel by Georg Fischer Disa

Fig. 2

Fig. 2

The new generation of Georg Fischer Disa Universal Blast Wheels meets today's performance specifications for high capacity blast wheels and maximum energy efficiency.
The wheel sizes, type U42 x 380, U70 x 380, U70 x 500 and U105 x 500, cover a power range from 11 to 110 KW. Blade widths are 42, 70 and 105mm. Due to the reversibility of the wheel rotation, the range of applications can be considerably extended. The direction of rotation can be reversed by remote control without any manual intervention. This gives the blast wheels a high degree of flexibility for a great variety of blast cleaning jobs (Fig. 2).

The low height of the wheel shaft provides sufficient angular freedom for adjusting the abrasive stream. This, and the ease and precision of setting the angle of impact, assures optimal blast cleaning efficiency and minimizes abrasion of the liners and the machine . The "U" blast wheel can be fitted with an air-operated brake for discontinuous operation to assure efficient and low-maintenance production.

The intensity distribution of the "U" wheels in relation to the throwing angle (length of blast pattern) and the intensity peaks have been greatly improved (Fig. 2).
The unique design of the blast wheel and its mechanical efficiency of up to 80 percent are the result of extensive basic research and the use of a precise measuring method developed by Georg Fischer Disa.

Rugged Design - Easy Maintenance: Special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure maximal service life of the blast wheel. The compact bearing of unusual durability is flanged to the wheel housing to prevent damage by distortion. The centring hole of the two-disk wheel has a polished surface and the wheel body is perfectly balanced. The wheel is made of hardened and wear resistant tool steel.  The "U" wheel is an exceptional compact unit and does not take up much space in the blast machine. It allows easy access for installation and maintenance purpose.

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