VOL. 12 September ISSUE YEAR 2011


in Vol. 12 - September Issue - Year 2011
June 2011: Wheelabrator Allevard Celebrates Its 50th Birthday and becomes "Winoa"

2011 is a particularly important year for Wheelabrator Allevard.
Concerning its activity, the first half of this year has been marked by:
A two-digit growth in sales, after 24% growth in 2010.
Ramp-up in production at the new Russian plant in Kurgan.
Creation of a production unit in China (Linyi, Shandong province).
Effective deployment of Phenics, an innovative solution for the mobile treatment of large metal structures.

This is also the year of two highly symbolic events for the group:

50th birthday

Wheelabrator Allevard was born in 1961 from a joint venture between a subsidiary of the Wendel group, la Société des Forges d’Allevard and an American firm, Wheelabrator. The common aim was to introduce steel abrasives, a new advantageous technology, on the European market, replacing cast iron abrasives or chemically abrasive techniques in the treatment of metal surfaces.

50 years on, the small company from Le Cheylas has become an international organization. Thanks to its continuous expansion, based on balanced internal and external growth and a permanent concern for innovation, the group has become world leader in its activity.

Wheelabrator Allevard intended to associate all of its stakeholders, employees, customers and partners with this success. On 28th June it celebrated its 50th birthday in Düsseldorf (Germany), during the GIFA, the International Foundry Trade Fair.

A new name for new challenges

During this event, the group announced its adoption of a new name: Winoa, a corporate brand which now covers all its activities in every country, related to the company’s commercial brands on various markets.

The choice of Winoa was made for practical considerations: it is for everyone, everywhere, an easy name to memorize and pronounce, promoting the international identity of the group.
It includes above all a significant symbolic dimension: this change reflects the resolutely forward-looking policy of the group. It expresses the current changes in group strategy and market position: based on its world-wide presence, Winoa is investing in research and development of innovative services, and ecologically-friendly surface transformation solutions.

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