VOL. 12 September ISSUE YEAR 2011


in Vol. 12 - September Issue - Year 2011
New Innovations for Onsite Blast Cleaning

PanBlastTM Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

PanBlastTM Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

PanBlastTM AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Pressure Blaster

PanBlastTM AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Pressure Blaster

In an increasingly competitive global economy with shortened supply chains, and business cost pressures from inflation, some key issues faced by the blast cleaning industry include keeping operating costs down while improving blasting operator productivity and blast cleaning equipment reliability to minimize production downtime.

Pan Abrasives identified two key areas of blast cleaning requiring such improvement due to current inefficiencies of existing equipment in the field worldwide: internal pipe rotational blast tools and portable closed circuit pressure blasting systems with vacuum recovery. After several years of product development and extensive testing, Pan Abrasives is proud to present two upcoming industry first products:

• PanBlastTM Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
• PanBlastTM AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Pressure Blaster

PanBlastTM Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool

Current tools in the field share a common inherent shortcoming of rotational mechanism seizing due to abrasive ingress into rotating joints, bearings and mating surfaces. This causes frequent production stoppages, which then forces the operator to constantly re-adjust and tune the tool to continue the blasting process, resulting in wastage of valuable production time, inconsistencies in surface finish and increased costs due to costly replacement parts.

The revolutionary PanBlastTM Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool changes all previous perceptions that internal pipe blasting tools are tedious and need to be constantly monitored and re-adjusted during operation. Its features and benefits include:

• A customized thermoplastic sleeve and bleed air-venting configuration provide long tool service life and superior rotary joint sealing.
• A rear spring adjusted sealing arrangement offers positive sealing pressure and eliminates the need for tool adjustment during operation and frequent seal replacement.
• The use of a customized venturi injector in conjunction with a case hardened spindle tube arrangement for abrasive delivery provides reliable and efficient non-stop tool operation.
• A twin shoe braking system provides both superior braking and rotational balance, thereby reducing tool vibration during operation.
• The use of dual seals minimizes dust ingress and offers added protection for the spindle bearings to prevent tool seizure and jamming.
• Rotational head with dual tungsten carbide blast nozzles supplied standard with option for boron carbide upgrade.

PanBlastTM AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Pressure Blaster

Current portable closed circuit pressure blasting systems in use are typically built around designs from the 1960’s or 1970’s with little or no upgrades to the original designs. Most of these systems are heavy and bulky, and use commonly available generic blasting components, which when used for this application, cause extreme operator fatigue.

This causes periodic production stoppages because the operator has to rest much more frequently than normal, and constantly has to re-balance the vacuum blasting head assembly in his/her hands, and/or on his/her shoulders, resulting in wastage of valuable production time and low blasting operator productivity.

The innovative and ergonomically friendly PanBlastTM AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Blaster features and benefits include:

• Industry’s first integrated multi-pass cyclonic reclaimer and separation system, eliminating the need for additional cartridge or bag type dust collection systems.
• Industry’s first ergonomic blast head handle with remote hand trigger, configurable for left- or right-handed operation to minimize operator fatigue (optional upgrade).
• Light weight and compact with total dimensions of 1750 mm x 940 mm x 940 mm inclusive of a 14 liter (0.5ft3) capacity pressure blast pot, ships fully assembled on standard square pallets for easy worldwide transport.
• Abrasive reclaimer and separation system is also available as a separate assembly for fitment and use with any internationally certified blast pot.
• Fitted as standard supply, is the industry-proven Corsa II automatic on/off abrasive control valve, totally eliminating abrasive slugging and abrasive wastage upon start up.
• Ultra-light blast & vacuum recovery head with full long life boron carbide venturi blast nozzle and quick fit brush attachment.
• Ultra portability on site with multi-directional full stainless steel lockable castor wheels and removable lift supports for forklift tynes.

OEM’s as well as industry importers, wholesalers and master distributors worldwide that have bulk quantity requirements and prefer to maintain their own brand identity, product color schemes and/or desire some product customization, but still want access to these proprietary products may consider our OEM supply program. More information about this program can be found at: www.panblast.com.

PanBlastTM products are produced strictly in accordance to our Quality Management System (QMS), which is multi-site certified to ISO9001:2008 requirements for design, development, manufacturing and distribution of the PanBlastTM range of products. PanBlastTM products are internationally designed and Australian-tested. All products are manufactured in-house and undergo 100% QC inspection testing prior to shipping. Industry-leading production lot tracking by batch numbers using MRP manufacturing software allows detailed quality record traceability down to individual components for every item produced.

Pan Abrasives is uniquely positioned in the global blast cleaning industry and continues to forge ahead with innovative product designs and solutions utilizing its extensive support networks:

• Shanghai, China is used for its 100% owned and managed manufacturing facility to provide long-term supply of premium quality products at competitive prices.
• Melbourne, Australia is used as the base for new product design and development, plus bench and field-testing of new prototypes and products such as the Tornado and AER215 Nuovo.
• Singapore is used as a global distribution point and is staffed with an International sales team that works with our customers, and is receptive and responsive to ideas for both new products and design improvements on existing products.

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