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in Vol. 12 - September Issue - Year 2011
Proudly Presenting SFCHINA, 23-25 November 2011, Shanghai
Mr. Raymond Ho, Director of Sinostar Intl Ltd.

Mr. Raymond Ho, Director of Sinostar Intl Ltd.

Serving the industry since 1983, SFCHINA is Asia's largest "finishing" event that helps hundreds of overseas suppliers to develop and grow their China business. Last year, the must-attend industry gala attracted 255 exhibitors from 19 countries and 10,151 visitors from 40 countries.

This year, SFCHINA, the 24th event in its series, is to be held on 23-25 November, 2011 in Shanghai. We are honoured to talk to Mr. Raymond Ho, Director of Sinostar Int'l Ltd., the organizer of SFCHINA. Mr. Ho has been involving in trade show business for nearly 30 years with acumen insight on the surface finishing industry and a profound knowledge of industry exhibition in this part of the world. He launched SFCHINA in 1983.

(?) MFN: Would you please introduce SFCHINA briefly?

(!) R. H.: Serving the market since 1983, SFCHINA is one of the most prestigious one-stop events covering the entire finishing industry, from substrate preparation to recycling, in two major themes:
1. Coating application & Coatings Products;
2. Electroplating & Finishing Technology.
On top of a highly professional trade event, we add a lot of educational elements in terms of Technical Seminars, New-Tech Corner and Workshops. Last year, 7 sessions of Technical Seminars, 5 sessions of New-Tech Corner and 2 sessions of Presentation on New Environmental Technologies were held, and the response from attendees was encouraging. SFCHINA is not just a meeting place for trade professionals, but a learning platform for the latest technology and application for our industry sector.

As of today, over 96% space of the 2011 event is reserved by exhibitors from Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the USA and China. It is indeed an annual international industry gala for both exhibitors and visitors. We believe the show will grow further in the years to come.

(?) MFN: Why is finishing technology so important to China?

(!) R. H.: China is now the world's largest manufacturer of automobiles, consumer electronics, household appliances and many other industries that require superior finishing technology. In the realm of the global surface finishing community, the unrelenting search for new value-added products is synonymous with the idea of quality.

Extreme weather resistance, colourfastness, brilliance, product excellence, emerging-green-sustainable technologies are by now familiar terms for anyone involved in the world of surface finishing. But what does it really mean? First and foremost, quality is inextricably linked with R&D and only those companies who really understand their clients' diverse and specific requirements and produce novel products will be the survivors.

New finishing technologies with superior efficiency and unique capabilities are becoming an integral component of a product. The importance of finishing is universal. It is no longer just a metallic or organic topcoat for a substrate. It has become an integral part of the entire engineered product. It is the market of unlimited potential.

(?) MFN: Could you share with us why SFCHINA exhibition series are more successful and how they deliver more value than other similar events?

(!) R. H.: SFCHINA is the first professional trade event serving this industry sector for the last 28 years in the China and Asian market. We position our show as a unique platform for exhibitors and visitors to meet once a year, alternately in Guangzhou and Shanghai, with an area focus on the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Regions, both of which are key industrial bases of China. It helps us differentiate from other local events.

In terms of number of exhibitors and visitors, we are No. 1 and a real international finishing event for China that is well-received by our customers and has established an excellent reputation in the industry. Results of the 2010 show has proved it:
• A total of 290 companies from 19 countries and regions had exhibited;
• 1,035 international visitors from 40 countries and regions of the five continents and 9,051 domestic visitors, i.e. a total of 10,151 visitors visited the show;
• 900+ visitors joined our technical programs which were held alongside the 3-day exhibition;
• 85.7% of exhibitors agreed that participation in the show was very important for their sales and marketing;
• 88.2% of visitors commented that the show was successful.

All in all, it is simply an annual industry gala for all industry professionals and players in our market.

(?) MFN: Over the years, how could you ensure the result to exhibitors?

(!) R. H.: Good question. We believe quality and quantity of visitors are the key of success for a trade show. Rome was not built in one day. We are the only organizers in Asia that have published a surface finishing trade journal (SFJ) since 1990 to serve readers who are the fundamental basis of our visitors. They are served with market insight, latest technical articles and research materials from the magazine that helps bonding our relationship with buyers from this part of the world.

In addition, we invest millions of dollars over the years in visitor marketing by advertising in all the leading websites and trade journals of surface finishing circulated locally and worldwide. We also participate in leading exhibitions around the globe to promote our show and recruit visitors for our exhibitors.

To visitors, SFCHINA is a place for meeting, sharing and learning. The purposes of their visiting have supported this, to wit:
• 64.8%: sourcing suppliers/new products;
• 26.95%: seeking partner/sales agents;
• 26.5%: evaluating market trends;
• 16.93%: visiting current suppliers;
• 13.8%: attending Seminars/Technical Programs;
• 5.12%: preparing purchasing decision.

And this is how we ensure the exhibiting result to exhibitors all these years.

(?) MFN: Compared with the last event, what will be the highlights of SFCHINA2011?

(!) R. H.: This year, in addition to the Taiwan Pavilion, we will have an Official German Pavilion for the first time that will be presented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and supported by the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), Surface Treatment Technology. The Pavilion will occupy a prominent area in SFCHINA2011. It is simply an endorsement of the German government and a major recognition from the industry.

(?) MFN: Last but not least, would you please introduce the concurrent events with SFCHINA?

(!) R. H.: At the same time as SFCHINA, we are also holding the CHINACOAT 2011, the 16th event in its series with its origin dating back to 1996. It is China's largest international exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks, Adhesives Products and their raw materials. Result of 2010 show in Guangzhou:
• A total of 751 companies from 32 countries and regions had exhibited;
• 3,377 international visitors from 71 countries and regions of the five continents and 20,367 domestic visitors, i.e. a total of 23,744 visitors visited the show;
• 2,500+ visitors joined our technical programs which were held alongside the 3-day exhibition.

A variety of technical events aiming to promote intellectual interflow among visitors and exhibitors was held, which included: 47 sessions of Technical Seminars, a Conference on Architectural Coatings, a Workshop, 10 sessions of New-Tech Corner, and a National Presentation from Bangladesh.

We believe all these could add value to exhibitors and visitors and make our shows stand out from others. We are proud of bridging the exhibitors and visitors since 1983 and will keep doing our best to grow our shows for the benefit of our customers.

(?) MFN: Mr. Ho, thank you very much for your time. We wish SFCHINA and CHINACOAT a great success in the years to come!

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