VOL. 13 March ISSUE YEAR 2012


in Vol. 13 - March Issue - Year 2012
Save Money, Quickly, By Obtaining Replacement Parts
Saturn HD wheel

Saturn HD wheel

Wheelabrator Plus launches its new Astral Collection of non Wheelabrator replacement parts, offering customers the opportunity to obtain replacement wear parts for their shot blast surface preparation equipment at the most favourable competitive prices.

Providing an extensive range of replacement parts for many OEM’s including but not restricted to Berger, Pangborn and Gietart, the Astral Collection will be available from the largest held inventory for shot blast replacement parts allowing customers the opportunity to reduce their own levels of working capital tied up in replacement parts.
Wheelabrator Plus has historically provided both Wheelabrator and non Wheelabrator OEM replacement parts on a global basis. The new Astral Collection now expands the availability of non Wheelabrator replacement parts allowing more shot blast users to benefit from the cost-effective dedicated service and support from the globally based facilities of Wheelabrator Plus.
With more than 50,000 machines installed globally, Wheelabrator’s knowledge of shot blast technology is second to none. Now, non Wheelabrator users can benefit from this experience.

About Wheelabrator Plus

The President and Chief Operating Officer of Wheelabrator Plus, Clifford Parr, says: "Wheelabrator Plus offers a comprehensive global aftermarket service, for the shot blast surface preparation industry. Our customers benefit from a local point of contact with unparalleled experience and expertise in surface preparation, linked to an in-depth knowledge of optimising processes and reducing operating costs. The new Astral Collection with the levels of inventory and pricing involved is what the market has been asking for, and we are excited by having the opportunity to satisfy this need."
"However, supplying replacement parts is only the beginning of the Wheelabrator Plus experience. We also upgrade many brands of shot blast surface preparation equipment, enabling our customers to improve productivity and obtain the best return out of their initial investment. In addition, we provide training to ensure their customers have a greater understanding of the technology available to them and how this could help to improve their overall productivity."
"Lowering the cost of each part our customer produces and helping him to help his own customer, is our mission."

For Information:
Astral Collection
Jürgen van Uden
European Director, Astral Collection
Wheelabrator Plus
Ferdinand-Porsche Strasse 23
51149 Cologne, Germany
Tel. +49.2203.297.5124
E-mail: Juergen.vanuden@noricangroup.com