VOL. 13 May ISSUE YEAR 2012

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 13 - May Issue - Year 2012
Nadcap Meeting Comes To Berlin, Germany

A special message from Joe Pinto, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

On 25 – 29 June, the only European Nadcap meeting of 2012 will be held in Berlin, Germany. I understand the critical importance of balancing staff productivity and time out of the office but I also know the value of participating in a Nadcap meeting.

Here are four good reasons why Nadcap meetings are so important…
1. Nadcap Management Council and Supplier Support Committee Meetings
At these sessions, Primes and Suppliers work together on initiatives that contribute to continual improvement throughout the industry such as standardization, contract flow down and globalization.
2. Special Process Task Group Meetings
By attending, you can participate in discussions with other aerospace primes and suppliers about new Nadcap audit checklists and existing audit checklist revisions as well as gain insights into common non-conformances.
3. Free Training
Benefit from free eQuaLearn training on topics such as Root Cause Corrective Action, Nadcap Audit Preparation and Internal Auditing.
4. Networking Opportunities
With a typical attendance of between 500 – 1,000 delegates at each Nadcap meeting, these events represent a great opportunity to spend time with existing and potential customers and suppliers and strengthen industry relationships.

In my opinion, supporting Nadcap meeting participation will give your company an opportunity to achieve competitive advantage through active involvement in industry-wide decision making.
For more information about Nadcap and the upcoming meetings, please visit our website:
I hope to see you or one of your colleagues in Berlin – please make sure to introduce yourself!

Kind Regards,

Joe Pinto
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Performance Review Institute

In conjunction with the Berlin Nadcap meeting, a "Nadcap Discovery Session" will be held during the afternoon of Tuesday 26 June from 2 pm to 5 pm.
The intent of this symposium is to provide information about Nadcap to aerospace suppliers who are interested in learning more about the program before arranging their first audit.
With support from European Nadcap subscribers such as EADS, Airbus, MTU Aero Engines, SAFRAN, Turbomeca and Eurocopter, the meeting will include the following topics:
• Overview of Nadcap subscribers’ policies regarding Nadcap (presentations by Nadcap subscribers)
• Review of the supplier experience of Nadcap, from the decision to pursue certification to the achievement of Nadcap accreditation (presentations by European suppliers)
• Introduction to Nadcap covering topics such as audit preparation, time frames and policies (presentation by Performance Review Institute)
This symposium follows the success of a number of similar events held in France in 2011, hosted by GIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association, as well as Nadcap symposia that took place in China and Japan last year.
Joe Pinto explains the rationale for these symposia: "While the Nadcap subscribers mandate accreditation to their supply base, it is the responsibility of the Performance Review Institute as the administrator of the Nadcap program to ensure that suppliers have all the information they need to successfully achieve accreditation. With hundreds of delegates already having participated in these symposia last year, arranging this one in Berlin at the same time as the Nadcap meeting will give delegates the opportunity to benefit from all the other activities that take place there, such as free training and Task Group discussions, so we can help them to get as much value from the day as possible."
For more information or to register, please contact Joanna Leigh at the Performance Review Institute at joanna.leigh@pri-europe.org.uk