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in Vol. 13 - September Issue - Year 2012
The 3rd Edition of SHOT PEENING is being published this September!

The 1st edition of MFN's SHOT PEENING was released in 2006. Six years later, two editions have been sold out and a completely revised and updated 3rd edition of SHOT PEENING has now been published with over 300 pages.

This level of success is certainly unusual and only possible thanks to the twenty dedicated authors. Many of them are known experts in their field and have also been teaching the process of shot peening for years. New chapters have been added to include further developments. The book also benefits from MFN’s experience as a training provider. The organization teaches over 1000 people per year in shot peening and offers 3 levels of education which are taught in up to nine languages. Feedback and questions from students have been implemented and have influenced the structure of the book. This project is supported by seventeen local MFN offices and a total of fifty-five members from as many as nineteen countries. Furthermore, MFN has access to three permanently available training centers, including wheel and air peening machines, media durability testers, sieve shakers and photo-optical particle analyzers for practical training. Reaching the 3rd edition, SHOT PEENING is probably the world’s most widely read literature on the process of shot peening.  

The topics are: Introduction to peening and theory, peening intensity, effect of peening, Almen saturation curves, peening coverage, exposure time, trouble shooting, process documentation, masking solutions, workpiece fixtures, shape & size inspection of peening media, cut wire, cast steel shot, ceramic media, specifications, shaded strips, peening equipment components, air & wheel peening, machinery types and application examples, hole peening, flap peening, optimization of shot peening for fatigue critical applications, residual stress, XRD measurement, quantitative characterization of the shot peening process, laser peening, shot peening in the automotive industry, shot peening process improvements, marketing quantification of the shot peening market, additives for peening and blasting, also introducing blast cleaning and deep rolling, etc.
MFN would like to thank all the authors as well as all the other staff and supporters that helped to make this book possible!

Best Regards
Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas