VOL. 13 September ISSUE YEAR 2012


in Vol. 13 - September Issue - Year 2012
Ervin Industries announces new Amasteel Plant
Amasteel abrasive manufacturing facility in Glaubitz, Saxony, Germany

Amasteel abrasive manufacturing facility in Glaubitz, Saxony, Germany

Ervin Industries is pleased to announce the planned construction of a new Amasteel abrasive manufacturing facility to support its ambitious growth strategy in Europe. The Company has acquired 100.000 m2 of land in Glaubitz, Saxony, Germany, and preparations are underway to complete work in as short a timeframe as possible. The 92-year-old world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of cast steel and stainless steel abrasives needs the additional capacity to meet projected requirements for its products, is the market leader in North America, and is increasingly the product of choice for discerning customers in Europe.

Company President, John Pearson, commented: "Ervin is a Company that prides itself on consistently supporting its customers with professionalism and integrity. This plant will bring this philosophy closer to markets where we are already seeing an increase in sales – we’re excited to see how the future develops!"

The new factory will produce Ervin’s market-leading Amasteel cast steel abrasive and employ over 40 people. An early 2014 startup is planned.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, Ervin Industries maintains Amasteel manufacturing facilities in Tipton, UK; Adrian, MI and Butler, PA USA; Amachrome stainless steel in Sprockhövel, Germany; and Amacast stainless steel and speciality powders at Ervin Technologies in Tecumseh, MI USA.

For Information:
Ervin Industries, Inc
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Tel. +1.800.748 0055

Phil Ripley, Ervin Amasteel
E-mail: pripley@ervinindustries.com
Dr Wolfgang Assmann, Ervin Stainless
E-mail: W.Assmann@ervin-germany.com
Bill Rhodaberger, Ervin Industries
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