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Two Rams Are Better Than One!
PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

Two Rams Are Better Than One - PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

Two Rams Are Better Than One - PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

3D Render of PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

3D Render of PanBlastTM Safe-T-Pinch Valve

In 1902, the late, great American Inventor Thomas Edison once attributed the genius behind his inventions to "ONE Percent Inspiration and Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration."
True to its brand mantra "Innovation, Service & Quality Excellence", PanBlast has taken on the challenge to redefine a product that has seen little change for over 50 years, and is familiar to most open blast industry practitioners – the Pinch Valve.

Hobson’s Choice

Now where do the problems lie?
The traditional Pinch Valve has just the right amount of ingredients for a blast operation nightmare. Having no "fail-safe" features, the normally open type pinch valve requires a pilot air signal to pinch the blast hose, in order to cease abrasive blasting. If, by chance, the pilot air source fails or is interrupted, the Pinch Valve will automatically open, allowing the blasting process to automatically commence - which could potentially cause serious injury to the blasting operator or persons in the vicinity of the equipment.

Although structurally robust, the conventional Pinch Valve is by no means guaranteed stable, as it is a vertically standing unit unless mechanically bolted to the floor surface. This old-style Pinch Valve also does not come with any internal compression spring to automatically close the single pinch ram. Furthermore, its single pinch ram arrangement only allows for a pinpointed pinch zone on one side of the blast hose, which accelerates wear on the blasting hose. In a nutshell, it is a dangerously flawed product and highly accident-prone. Howerver, no alternative product was available in the market, until now…

Safe-T-Pinch Valve – A Dual Ram Horizontal Pinch Valve

Taking into account the design of the older/current Pinch Valve – observed to have reached the decline of its product lifespan - much intensive research, study and brainstorming was conducted to evolve the pinch valve concept to meet today’s safety standards.
Innovation may also be achieved via culmination of a series of small steps, which result in a breakthrough product with appropriate integration of style, technology and functionality. Here’s an insight to the new generation "Safe-T-Pinch" pinch valve from PanBlast and its winning qualities…
Safety - With a "FAIL SAFE" normally closed system, any interruption to the pilot air source, accidental or otherwise, will ensure that both rams will immediately close and isolate the abrasive blasting process.
Durability – Dual "safety spring return" pinch rams, which allow for even wear on both sides of the blast hose for extended hose life.
Containment - Encapsulated pinch ram chamber provides added safety to site personnel, and contains any premature blast hose "blowout" situations from the immediate area.
Accessibility - Positioned on top of the encapsulated pinch ram chamber is a removable guide to allow for periodic blast hose inspection when required.
Stability - Stable low profile horizontal design with an overall height of only 148mm (5-13/16 Inches).
Precision – The sturdy bottom mounting plate incorporates a measurement scale, which allows for instructions to be provided on periodic movement of the blast hose position. This feature assists in even distribution of any accelerated wear on the inner and outer walls of the blast hose for extended hose life.
Performance - Tandem blast hose guide rods allow maximum diameter blast hoses fitted with No.3 couplings to pass straight through the dual pinch ram enclosure, without the need for removing, or dismantling of the couplings.
Anti-Corrosion - All components of the Safe-T-Pinch Valve system are a combination of nickel-plated and powder-coated black surfacing for added corrosion protection.

Expanding on the operational concept of the old veteran pinch valve, the Safe-T-Pinch is a re-engineered product with many groundbreaking solutions to meet today’s industrial safety standards. At PanBlast, the future of blast cleaning equipment has already begun.

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PanBlast designs, develops and manufactures top quality equipment, accessories and parts for the global surface preparation industry from its factories in China and Singapore. PanBlast products are marketed and sold in over 80 countries worldwide via an extensive network of distributors, dealers and OEM’s.

PanBlast is uniquely positioned in the global blast cleaning industry and continues to forge ahead with innovative product designs and solutions to suit market requirements.

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