in Vol. 14 - September Issue - Year 2013
Around 110 Exhibitors At The 2nd PaintExpo Eurasia

Oberboihingen – Around 110 exhibitors from ten different countries are expected to take part in the second PaintExpo Eurasia, which is being held at the Expo Center in Istanbul from 12th to 14th September 2013. Their products cover the process chains of wet painting, powder coating and, coil coating and will give visitors a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments. The focus is especially on enhancing quality and flexibility, improving material and energy efficiency as well as increasing environmental and occupational safety in coating and painting technologies.

"We’re expecting Hall 11 of the Expo Center to be booked out for this year’s PaintExpo Eurasia. This shows that the Eurasian offshoot of the leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology has established itself as an information and procurement platform at the interface between West and East. We’re particularly happy to be able to provide visitors from Turkey and the MENA region with a comprehensive and representative spectrum ranging from pre-treatment through coating right up to quality control", said Jürgen Haußmann, CEO of the German company FairFair GmbH, which is organizing the trade fair for industrial coating technology in Turkey together with Artkim Fuarcilik. It will be held parallel to TurkCoat, a trade fair for paints and chemicals, at the Expo Center in Istanbul from 12th to 14th September 2013.
Just about every important Turkish industrial technology provider is on the list of exhibitors of the 2nd PaintExpo Eurasia. Additionally, numerous foreign companies such as ABL Technic, Caldan, Eisenmann, Feidal, Graco, ITW, Mec Shot, Mankiewicz, Nordson, Oltrogge, Plasmatreat, Pyrox, Rippert, Sturm and Walther – some of them among the world’s market and technology leaders – have also decided to take part. The spectrum of exhibits ranges from machines and systems for wet painting, powder coating and coil coating, application technology, wet paintings and powder coatings, automation and conveyor technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology, air supply and exhaust air purification, recycling and disposal right up to accessories, metrology and test technology, quality assurance, paint-stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical literature.

Solutions For Optimized Quality And Cost-Effectiveness

PaintExpo Eurasia thus meets the needs of job coaters and in-house painting companies from Turkey, the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), and neighboring countries faced with the challenge of coating products faster, cheaper, with a higher quality, more flexibility, and in a more environmentally friendly way. This is especially demanded in sectors such as the automotive and supplier industries, commercial vehicles, trains, ships and shipyards, aerospace, plant and machine construction, metal and sheet metal working, plastics processing, household appliances, furniture manufacture (wooden, metal and plastic), sport and leisure, metal and glass façade construction, window and door manufacture, the electronics industry, heating and air conditioning technology and the packaging industry. Among others, one solution for optimizing painting and coating processes is application technology, which reduces material consumption through higher application efficiency. Costs can also be lowered or throughput increased by using so-called low-temperature powder coatings. To reduce emissions and improve quality in wet painting processes, very high solid- and optimized water-based paints will be on show. Exhibitors at the PaintExpo Eurasia will also be presenting innovative developments in plant systems and feeding technology as well as in many other areas of the exhibition.

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