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in Vol. 15 - September Issue - Year 2014
The 3rd National Academic Conference On Shot Peening Technology - China's Largest Event Of This Kind

Rosanne Baiker, MFNs Vice President Business Development and Prof. Ruwei Liu, Chief Editor MFN CHINA

Rosanne Baiker, MFNs Vice President Business Development and Prof. Ruwei Liu, Chief Editor MFN CHINA

The 3rd National Academic Conference on Shot Peening Technology was held by the Chinese Failure Analysis Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Shot Peening Technology and the Committee of Residual Stress in Materials. The event took place in Ji Nan City from June 9-12, 2014, and was organised in cooperation with Shandong University and the Shandong Kaitai Group Co., LTD. A total of 153 delegates from China and overseas countries joined this conference.

Scope of Conference

The goal of this shot peening conference was to exchange knowledge from experts and scientists on topics of surface strengthening such as shot peening, ultrasonic impact treatment, grinding, deep rolling, laser peening, nanocrystallization, shot peening forming, etc. In addition, technologies such as residual stress measurement, material structure characterization, analysis and digital simulation of shot peening process and much more were introduced.

The over-150 delegates represented an interesting mixture of scientific specialists, delegates from Universities, and experts from the industry.

International Participation

A good number of overseas delegates and specialists from Switzerland, Italy, USA and Japan joined this conference. Furthermore, participating the conference, over 10 exhibition booths from the local and international shot peening industries provided a lively surrounding for technical and scientific discussions.

Reflection and Future Targets

A committee conference was held that reflected the present situation in the Chinese shot peening industry and discussed the future direction and goals. Roughly 50% of the committee members were from Universities and Institutes while the remaining 50% represented the industries.

Next Shot Peening Conference in China

The 4th Shot Peening Academic Symposium will be held in 2016 and is already in planning. Since several organizations and locations are in question for the next conference, the possibilities and means are being carefully evaluated.

Special thanks to the strong support and hard work of the Material School of Shandong University and the Shandong Kaitai Group Co., Ltd. In addition, many thanks to all the companies that supported this conference.

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