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in Vol. 15 - September Issue - Year 2014
The Tenth Metef 2014 Relaunches Innovation

International expo of aluminum and international expo of foundry technologies, innovative solutions, components, technology materials for original equipment for the transport industry and for the industrial recycling of materials

International expo of aluminum and international expo of foundry technologies, innovative solutions, components, technology materials for original equipment for the transport industry and for the industrial recycling of materials

With over 400 exhibitors, 30% from foreign countries, and 20 delegations of international specialized operators and VIP visitors, Metef 2014 edition has exceeded 10,000 professional operators, 32% coming from 60 countries, first of all from Germany, followed by Turkey, Iran and the Eastern European countries, which are strategic markets searching for quality technology and specialization.

Verona, 13th June 2014 – Over 400 exhibitors, 30% from 20 foreign countries; trade delegations from 20 countries all over the world; more than 10,000 operators 32% of which from 60 foreign countries, first of all Germany followed by Turkey, Iran and the Eastern European nations, which are strategic markets searching for quality technology and specialization. This is the final balance of the Metef three-day exhibition that has evolved in order to create strategic synergies to face the new challenges on the international market. The new formula of the exhibition has proved very effective for combining Alumotive, addressing the transport sector, with Metef, dedicated to aluminium technologies and processing, Metalriciclo-Recomat, focussed on recycling, and Foundeq, international expo of ferrous and non-ferrous metals foundry: this comprehensive offer has reached the ambitious target to complete the entire production chain by combining specialized shows in a single all-round exhibition.
"Metef new formula takes advantage from the successful highest-added value initiatives such as Save the Weight, the Innovation Award, the Extrusion Forum, the Anfia-Assofond Meeting and those dedicated to the Middle East and Africa," maintains Mario Conserva, Vice President of Alfin Edimet. "The international character of this event has been confirmed by the participation of over 400 exhibitors, and the number and professionalism of the visiting operators, most of them coming from abroad. Metef 2014 closes with great success in terms of quality, innovation and specialization of the customized production sector without losing sight of its remarkable quantity volumes."
"Two years ago Alfin-Edimet and Veronafiere signed a 50-50 strategic agreement," stresses Veronafiere President Ettore Riello. The 2014 edition aimed at representing the whole Italian aluminium and innovative materials production chain as regards the international arena, where competitiveness is increasingly aggressive. The consolidated result that we have reached is Metef success as B2B technical exhibition representing the entire division, an excellence of the Italian manufacturing sector, and its promotion on the major worldwide markets."
The exhibitors expressed their willingness to invest in innovation in order to be able to face the international markets.
Francesco Savelli, President of Amafond, has talked of a very positive edition from the very first day. "The second day gathered the Italian cast foundries to create synergies and good perspectives for the years to come. Several visitors from countries such as Russia, South Korea and Germany confirm that the Italian market is as important as to be second only to Germany."
"Metef 2014 in Verona – maintains Franco Zanardi, Vice President of Assofond – is an excellent example of production chain and a credit to our country. In the last years, the traditional process technologies have been integrated in aluminium and light alloy components. This year's product offer has expanded to other innovative materials for lightweight vehicles. The exhibition and communication organization worked over two years to attract international high-level operators and visitors; therefore, I think the balance is very positive for the whole sector and talks of a new business revival."
"We are very satisfied – says Mario Bertoli, Metra MD – because this event has ensured great visibility to the firms who are investing in technologies with the aim to have more export chances. We have got in touch with several major contacts and foresee prospective opportunities with Italian companies exporting all over the world and with medium-size specialized firms. The exhibition also looked specifically at the Gulf region, where the industrial fabric is being recreated, thus offering opportunities for medium-size businesses."
Roberta Maroni of Hydro, confirms the quality of the show in force of the number of visitors from all over the world welcomed at the stand. "It's an interesting showcase since it reflects the market dynamics and in three days it enables people to get in touch with all the production chain players."
Comments also come from foreign exhibitors such as Mohammed A. Al-Mutawa di Ega Emirates Global Aluminium. "We have exhibited at Metef ever since the first edition. This year we're particularly glad to be present with our new corporate name EGA. The Italian market is very important to our company and this show is an excellent opportunity to meet our customers."
Domenico Foti of Sacal Spa is satisfied, too: "We've always taken part at Metef and this shows that we believe in this exhibition and in its expansion, since we need more visibility for the Italian aluminium diecasting sector, second to the German one, only. The new location in Verona has a more international character where visitors can combine tourism, culture and food-and-wine itineraries."
Antoine Le Tullier of the French multinational Novelis pae maintains: "This is our first time at Metef with the aim at recovering contacts on the Italian and European market. Metef has been also useful to get in touch again with international customers, mainly from Iran."
Metef 2014 affirms its status as international expo that has attracted specialized buyers and offered advanced trade-matching services. The 20 delegations of specialized operator and VIP visitors came from Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, South Korea, Croatia, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

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