VOL. 15 November ISSUE YEAR 2014


in Vol. 15 - November Issue - Year 2014
First MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Queretaro, Mexico - in Cooperation with Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

MFN is always seeking cooperations to maximise synergies. As far as training concerns, it certainly makes sense to work together with local Universities. MFN's training division is very glad to be linked with Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, the third largest University in Mexico.

Shot Peening Workshop

From the 2nd to the 3rd of November 2014, MFN introduced its 1st Shot Peening Workshop in Mexico, Queretaro in the Spanish language. Two different levels of shot peening know-how were taught. From basic knowledge about intensity, coverage, masking, media, etc. up to air and wheel-peening laser peening, there was hardly any topic connected to peening that was not discussed during this event. All courses were recognized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In order to receive a "Certificate of Achievement", an optional test had to be passed. In addition to the training, a small trade show was available where different products from the industry were displayed.

Revised Shot Peening Training

In a joint effort that took almost a year, exciting presentations were revised. In addition, one of the guidelines was to integrate a good mix of peening expertise from the aviation and the automotive industry. New videos were made, and all presentations received an extensive visual "touch up". In this process, dozens of graphs and illustrations had to be completely redrawn either by computer or sometimes even manually. The final result set new standards in the field of shot peening training.

MFN Trainers & Training Coordinators

The event in Mexico was supported by four MFN team members. The teaching was done by the trainers Jochen Strehlke, Andres Correa and Hector Chavez, while Virginia Gómez Vargas was responsible for logistic and organisational matters.
Training has always been one of the key activities of MFN. The organization has education programs for Shot Peening, Flap Peening, Industrial Painting and Mass Finishing. Depending on the topic, the training is available in up to nine languages.

With its team of over 35 trainers from 20 countries, it has built a unique platform to offer a truly international training logistic, which serves over 1000 people a year. It is supported by 18 offices worldwide and 3 training centers.

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