VOL. 4 May ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - May Issue - Year 2003
Process for Water Recirculation Systems
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Picture 1

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Picture 2

Cutting costs and protecting the environment

Water required for many industrial processes is expensive, and in many parts of the world a scarce and valuable commodity. It should therefore always be used with great care, and when the time arrives to discharge it, treatment of it should have ensured that it does not in any way damage the environment.
Many of Röslers vibratory, centrifugal and drag finishing machines require water as part of their finishing processes. The company has over many years invested heavily at their R & D centres in order to ensure that they were able to offer customers systems that delivered  economical use of process water.

Picture 1 shows a modern stand alone turbo–floc high power separator that is capable of removing solid particles from process liquids down to 1um.Water from the process machine is stored in the bottom chamber of the unit before being pumped into the centrifuge that is running at almost 3000 RPM. Due to the high acceleration of up to 2000g the suspended material in the waste water is deposited onto the removable rotor lining. The cleaned water is directed into the back chamber of the unit, ready to be pumped back to the process machine 

The unit in picture 2 shown connected to a vibratory finishing machine is an automatic high power separator, and models in this range can treat up to 5000 litres per hour. The system shown has a clean water storage tank for treated liquids, and a treatment tank to allow Ph correction or coagulation liquids to be added prior to it being offered to the centrifuge. The compact sludge created is automatically scraped off the rotor and deposited in a sludge wagon beneath the unit. An SPC controls the whole system.

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