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in Vol. 16 - September Issue - Year 2015
SF EXPO 2015 Came To A Satisfactory Ending

SF EXPO -- The most professional and highly recognized surface finishing industry pageant came to a satisfactory ending on May 13th at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. The 3-day exhibition attracted 13,749 visitors and 289 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions. The number of visitors broke the record again. Although SF EXPO 2015 has come to a successful ending, the negotiation and cooperation between visitors and exhibitors has just started.

Remarkable increase of overseas visitors

The total number of visitors has grown remarkably and increased 15.7% compared to last year, among which domestic visitors were 12,352 with 14.2% increase. Because the exhibition venue is Guangzhou, most visitors were from South China, followed by East China, Central China, South-west China and North China.

As SF EXPO pays more attention to overseas marketing, the number of overseas visitors was 19.7% more than last year and reached 1397, taking up 10.2% of the total number. The overseas visitors came from 38 countries and regions and were mainly from India, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan Region, and the Hong Kong Region.

As SF EXPO 2015 has gained great success, Mr. Zhang Zhi, the general manager of the organizer, Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd said, "We have gained wide recognition both at home and abroad, especially when the number of overseas visitors has grown obviously, and industry experts regard SF EXPO as an ideal platform for purchasing and collecting latest market information. Exhibitors from China, Asian and Europe and other parts of the world will provide many choices for the buyers." Mr. Zhang Zhi further added, "The downstream industries such as automotive, household appliance, hardware, material, etc have flourished and become the key element for SF EXPO continuous development."

Gathering of Top-ranking suppliers around the globe

SF EXPO is a perfect platform to showcase the latest innovative products, as well as to learn and introduce new technology. The president of the International Branch of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), Mr. Steven Burling described, "The role of Conferences/Exhibitions in allowing "Face to Face" discussion should never be overlooked. SF Expo provides a vibrant atmosphere that enables interaction amongst peer groups in order to discuss current technologies, technology updates, as well as market trends. This is vital for a "forward thinking" plating industry".

The non-cyanide copper plating, environmental protection plastic electroplating technology and sustainable anti-corrosion environment harmless plating technology showcased by ATOTECH, and the bright nickel plating SNH-5 and high corrosion resistance of chemical nickel plating KTY-S3 showcased by UYEMURA attracted much attention.

Professional buyers of highest quality

SF EXPO brings numerous professional buyers for exhibitors. As the investigation conducted by the organizer shows, 57% interviewees are management, among which 23.7% are general managers, plant managers or chief engineers. Mr. Xingang Wu, the Marketing manager of the detecting instruments supplier, FISCHER INSTRUMENTATION LTD said that the SF EXPO is very good and enables us to meet many customers and make interesting communications. SF EXPO, a top exhibition in surface finishing industry, provides us with a high-end and continuous promotion platform. It is believed that SF EXPO will expand rapidly in the near future.

Valuable networking in concurrent events

In order to improve global communication and sustainable development for the surface finishing industry, the organizing committee holds The 3rd International Summit on Surface Finishing Industry Development and 2015 Automotive Surface Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar and other industry-related conferences during SF EXPO, and invites key representatives in surface industry associations from China, America, Germany, Japan, Korea and India, the officials of environmental protection department., and principals in automotive, household appliance and hardware key enterprises to discuss new trends in the surface finishing industry and attract the participation of many visitors.

Positive Comments from the Visitors

SF EXPO is so professional and international that it leaves visitors with a deep impression. According to the investigation, 83% of interviewees deem that the exhibitions are of very high quality. Mr. Guoliang Fan, the R&D Engineer of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, complimented that "SF EXPO is a must-attend professional exhibition for our company. It is no longer just a show for the Chinese market, but an important international event in surface treatment industry. The target buyers for overseas exhibitors are no longer from mainland China, but from the whole Asian region."

By contrast, the main purpose of domestic enterprise is looking for new products and technology. Ms. Zhao who is in charge of spraying technique in Midea Group analyzed "Chinese enterprises are keen on upgrading technology in order to compete with foreign-funded enterprises. As an international household appliance manufacturer, what Midea Group needs is to find a highly efficient environment and protection and value-added spraying equipment."

SF EXPO 2016 will move to Chongqing. It is believed that a new high-end platform for surface finishing industry is going to be built. A pageant with the core of south-west market is worth being anticipated!

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