VOL. 4 September ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - September Issue - Year 2003
W.S. Tyler to donate a Ro-Tap®, RX-29!
Larry Pope, President of W.S. Tyler

Larry Pope, President of W.S. Tyler

MFN would like to thank Larry Pope, the president of W.S. Tyler, for his very generous donation of a Ro-Tap®, RX-29 sieve analyzer to the MFN Shot Peening Training organization.  He was approached to consider to allow MFN to receive a used device, but Larry immediately offered a brand new Ro-Tap®, RX-29. This equipment is going to greatly improve the quality of the training on media preparation. Media preparation is a key factor in a high quality shot peening process. And the Ro-Tap®, RX-29 has become a standard item to verify that the shot quality is according to specification. Depending on specification to be fulfilled, users of shot peening machines have to take shot samples as often as every 8 hours. These samples are then run through such a sieve analyzer. The shot remaining on the different sieve layers is weighed and the results have to be within a certain range. Like this, the operator can make a decision if the shot has to be replaced or if adjustments on the media preparation system of the machine have to be carried out. Such adjustments would concern the vibrating sieves or the shape classification system.
Thanks to W.S. Tyler, MFN has now the chance to demonstrate this sieve analysis test procedure hands-on. Students will be asked to carry out these specified tests and to evaluate them.
MFN will use this analyzer the first time for the coming workshop in Singapore (17th-19th of Nov., 2003) and will then ship the device from workshop to workshop.

For information on the Tyler sieves:
W.S. Tyler, 8570 Tyler Boulevard
Mentor, Ohio, USA
Tel. USA: 800.321 6188
Tel. +1.440.974 1047
E-mail: wstyler@wstyler.com

For information on the MFN workshops E-mail to info@mfn.li or check www.mfn.li, link "Workshops".