VOL. 18 July ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - July Issue - Year 2017
Cobranding & Local Manufacture To Improve Product Competitiveness
Spare parts

Spare parts



Retaining customer loyalty and securing new customers during economic turmoil is a challenge for most businesses, due to cost pressures and competition from reduced market demand. By leveraging on the local fabrication capabilities of sales partners located worldwide, and with the use of Panblast's new range of "Powered by PanBlast Fit Up Kits" to locally manufacture cobranded blast pots and blast cabinets, freight cost savings translate into improved gross margins, and product competitiveness. These cobranded products retain the quality and reliability of components that Panblast brand is known for, plus the added brand familiarity of local sales partners for customer service.

The Value Proposition

By having in-house fabrication facilities, or access to such fabrication capabilities in the local region for the manufacture of the basic blast equipment structure (such as pressure blast pot or blast cabinet shells), Panblast can assist with supply of fabrication drawings to get shell cost estimates for kick starting the process.
Powered by PanBlast, Fit Up Kits are supplied in custom configurations to suit local application and statutory requirements. Pressure-blast pot kit configurations include multiple variants for automatic, manual, soda, plastic media blast and bulk blast systems. The equipment can range in size from mini capacity systems to high volume multi-operator systems. Unless customized otherwise, kits are typically supplied as a fully complete turnkey package to allow quick fit up to the pot shell and require minimal assembly labor hours.
Locally manufactured and/or assembled products may have a sales/marketing edge with the use of statements such as "Made in the USA", and could derive some form of government financial subsidy for being a domestic producer. Additional contributions to the bottom line beyond freight and transport savings include reduction of import and duty taxes.
Last but not least, this supply chain model improves inventory turns from reduced shipping volumes and shorter delivery times. With proper planning, assemble-to-order or assemble-on-demand would further improve profitability and reduce inventory levels.

Technical Literature Support

One hidden cost that is not usually taken in to account is the technical literature support required for the production of marketing collaterals. Powered by PanBlast, Fit Up Kits are supplied with assembly drawings and bill of materials. Operator's manuals are also available for all kit configurations, and are supplied in an editable Word format for quick incorporation/modification into localized versions. High-resolution product photographs are also available and supplied upon request for Fit Up Kit contents.
Panblast's Dynamic Manufacturing model and "workflow-centric" approach ensures product quality and reliability for each and every Fit Up Kit, in addition to batch-to-batch production consistency and component traceability.

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