VOL. 18 July ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - July Issue - Year 2017
New MFN Trainer in Singapore
Khoo Jin Hui Jeff

Khoo Jin Hui Jeff

The Education Division of MFN is always looking for new talented people to strengthen its international team.

Jeff (Khoo Jin Hui), graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree at Nanyang Technological University in 2010. During his university internship program, he was attached to Singapore Technologies Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd. where he built up his experience and knowledge by working in different processes such as shot peening, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and treatment of effluent plant in an aerospace Maintenance Repair & Overhaul environment.
Jeff was responsible for helping Singapore Technologies Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd build new capabilities and develop manufacturing methods for shot peening, for commercial and military components. Over the years, he gained wide exposure in the shot peening process for components such as Booster Blades, Horizontal Bevel Gears, Low Pressure Turbine Shafts, Combustor Casings and Fan Blades. Maintaining an active role in shot peening industry, Jeff worked closely with domestic and overseas machine makers and suppliers. His focus was the customisation of shot peening machines to suit production requirements in collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Jeff also extended his service to Singapore Technologies Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd’s sister company in Xiamen, China. In Xiamen, he facilitated the outsourcing process of shot peening and established in-house capabilities. Over the years, Jeff gained practical experience from his dynamic and challenging responsibilities in running shot peening processes.

Jeff joined the Advance Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) as a Senior Research Engineer in January 2017, to advance shot peening technology towards Digitalisation & Industrie 4.0.

In ARTC, Jeff manages the delivery of research and development initiatives, member specific projects and in-house projects for a wide range of industry members. Jeff actively practises Kaizen for process continuous improvement in order to remain productive at work and competitive in the market.

"ARTC is a public-private collaboration between A*STAR, NTU and industry partners that seeks to bridge technological gaps in the adoption of advanced remanufacturing processes."

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