VOL. 4 September ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - September Issue - Year 2003
Introduction of „Official“ MFN Trainer Dr. Frank Wüstefeld (Ph.D.)

MFN is aways on the look out for talents in the industy to improve our training. So we are pleased that Dr. Frank Wüstefeld agreed to focus solely on the important chapter "peening coverage". This was partly also the subject of his Ph.D. study. Besides his expertise he also used to teach at the University. MFN would like to welcome Frank!

Dr. Frank Wüstefeld (Ph. D)
MFN Trainer Biography

Frank Wüstefeld was born in 1961 in Dortmund (Germany/North Rhine Westphalia). Frank did his engineering studies in metallurgy and material science at the RWTH Aachen with the focus on forming technologies. He graduated as a Diploma Engineer in 1987 and attained his Ph.D. with a thesis on quantitative models for shot peen forming in 1992. Subsequently in 1993, Frank founded in conjunction with an Aachen-based corporate venture unit the company KSA (Kugelstrahlzentrum Aachen GmbH). Frank’s and the company’s first project was the production of spherical curved tank segments for European space launcher ARIANE 5 through peen forming. Other projects followed, all centred on high performance and cost efficient production. Frank gained a strong reputation in shot peening by a number of publications and lectures, i.e. at several ICSPs (International Conference on Shot Peening) from 1987 till last ICSP 8 in Garmisch. Frank is co inventor of some international patents on shot peening. Frank’s passion is a new way of shot peening with online diagnostic and full process control. He is CEO and shareholder of KSA, an upcoming company providing cutting-edge services and solutions for the implementation of automated shot peening processes.