VOL. 4 September ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - September Issue - Year 2003
High Production Shot Blasting Machine for Cylinders

Surface Finishing Equipment Co.  have introduced the latest version of Shot Blasting Machine for different sizes of cylinders. The machine entails a sturdy, robust and rugged designed blast cabinet, job conveying system, the latest blast wheel station, dust collector and electric control panel. The cylinders are fed from input side on dia-bola conveyor sides, which give with its rotation a double movement of roto-translation to cylinder (the cylinder also rotates while moving forward ).

A powerful and state of the art low maintenance blast wheel is mounted on the top of the blast cabinet, which continuously fires a stream of abrasive at incoming cylinders. The conveyor speed is adjustable to meet output requirement.
The Machine also comprises an efficient abrasive recovery, separation and control system, which continuously cleans the abrasive of dust, debris, oversize and undersize particles.

An abrasive control valve is provided which meters the quantity of abrasive going into the blast wheel unit.  The machine comprises all the latest features essentially required for a shot blasting machine. The machine can be further equipped with PLC Control, Abrasive replenishing system, Automatic Operation Sequence Control System and Sound Reducer etc.

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