VOL. 4 September ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - September Issue - Year 2003
Vapormatt to consolidate to manufacturing in Taunton

Vapormatt Ltd, a world leader in the design and production of wet abrasive blasting equipment, is to relocate its machine manufacturing activities away from its main facility on the island of Guernsey, and consolidate the company’s business at its UK base in Taunton, Somerset.  The company says the move has been prompted by the increasing problems of running a manufacturing operation from Guernsey.
Although Vapormatt has an extensive forward order book, difficulties in local recruitment and retention of skilled labour and high level engineering design staff, have led to ongoing delays in production that have forced it to re-evaluate the viability of continuing to manufacture on Guernsey.
Managing director Terry Ashworth stated: “It is not realistic to continually ask our workforce to work overtime in order to keep agreed delivery schedules and deadlines.  We are aware that most of our staff can earn more money for less work in the current building industry and have witnessed a gradual drift of key personnel into the construction of public sectors. We can only assume that this drift will continue as more and more pressure for high quality personnel comes from these sources.
“I started Vapormatt in Guernsey in 1978, and we have been a leading part of the local manufacturing sector ever since. It is with great regret that we have come to this decision as many of our staff  have been with us for much of our history. However, Guernsey no longer offers a suitable economic climate in which we can successfully operate our business.
“There will be a gradual wind down of the operation, during which certain staff will be retained as we intend to complete as many existing contracts as possible locally whilst new business will be handled from our facility in Taunton. It is possible that certain roles may be transferable to the UK and temporary or permanent relocation possibilities will be discussed with the staff concerned.”
Vapormatt manufactures a wide range of manual, semi and fully-automated wet blasting equipment for controlled blast finishing and peening applications, and also supplies high-performance dry blasting and dry peening systems.  The company’s equipment is used in every sector of manufacturing industry, and it has had particular success in niche technical markets such as nuclear engineering and semiconductor manufacture, where machines are custom-designed for specific applications.
Vapormatt also provides comprehensive wet blast support services, embracing spare parts, consumables, maintenance and machine upgrades.  These services are aimed not only at Vapormatt customers, but also at users of other manufacturers’ wet blast equipment.

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