VOL. 4 September ISSUE YEAR 2003


in Vol. 4 - September Issue - Year 2003
Paris Air Show - Paris Le Bourget 2003

Following the record-breaking 2001 edition – held in an exceptionally good overall economic situation - the 45th Paris Air Show (15th-22nd. of June 2003) that just took place was successful considering the crisis that the sector is going through.

The organizers are satisfied the Show has resisted against: The post-September 11th situation, international strains, the concern generated by the SARS epidemic, as well as the difficulties caused by the strikes and the extreme climatic conditions of the last weeks.


The Show has recorded an attendance of around 350,000 visitors, including about 150,000 people from the general public. This attendance is slightly less  than the 2001 Show, that set a record, but remains close to the 1999 Show‘s figures, the second record-breaking edition. The number of foreign delegations is, for its part, equivalent to 2001 with 154 delegations from 66 countries.

Exhibition Spaces close to 2001

A covered exhibition space of 109 000 square meters (including halls, chalets, external buildings), a static exhibition space of 192,000 square metres, 39 exhibiting countries, 206 aircraft on the static and 57 aircraft   took part in the flight demonstrations.

Exhibitors and Visitors have enjoyed the Development of new Services

Besides those figures, this first evaluation of the Show is the opportunity to put into light the success met by services proposed for the first time this year to exhibitors and professional visitors.

A successful new Sector-by-Sector Content Breakdown

The figures speak volumes:
416 companies have chosen this breakdown, which represents 24,5% of the exhibitors.
80 professional conferences took place, including a special "UAVs" programme, with an average attendance number      of 70 people for each conference. In addition an occupancy rate of the business meetings areas of 100% during the trade days was reached.

Platinum Services

This very up-market service, that has given access to business chalets to all companies, large or small, has been successful with VIPs. An average of 60 place settings each day. And already an important demand for the next edition...

The general public came in numbers for this celebration of Aeronautics and Space

This 2003 edition has been highlighted by very important events celebrated by the public:  The Centenary of Aviation, with, among others things, an exhibition of historical aircraft of which six have participated in the flight demonstrations: the Breguet XIV, the B17, the Caudron, the Fouga Magister, the MD 311 Flamand, the Spitfire. But also the exhibition of a Wright Brothers‘ Flyer replica, created by the ESTACA school, that is due to fly soon. Also the running of the original Flyer‘s engine that had not been started in France since 1910.

The Concorde‘s last flight took place on June 14th. This mythical aircraft stayed on the static space during the Show, before going to the nearby Air & Space Museum.
The Patrouille de France, who, for their 50th anniversary, made a flight demonstration. The SIAE, the Paris Air Show‘s organizers, are pleased to invite you from June 12th to 19th, 2005 for the Show‘s next edition.

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