VOL. 19 November ISSUE YEAR 2018


in Vol. 19 - November Issue - Year 2018
October 3rd: Winoa Inaugurates The Most Modern And Efficient Steel Shot Industrial Plant In The World In Balmaseda (Spain)
Main facade of Winoa new plant in Balmaseda, Basque Country (Spain)

Main facade of Winoa new plant in Balmaseda, Basque Country (Spain)

Steel shot sample produced in 
Winoa new plant

Steel shot sample produced in Winoa new plant

An investment of more than 20 millon euros

Winoa Iberica's new plant, located on the outskirts of Balmaseda (Basque Country, Spain) is the most modern and efficient facility in its sector and produces added-value steel shot and grit in an environmentally-friendly way. Winoa has invested more than 20 million euros.
The plant occupies a surface of 30,000 m2 and has four interconnected industrial buildings to improve the distribution and the communication on the production processes. The construction of the plant started in June 2016 and was finished on the second quarter of 2018.
It has induction furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, sifting stations and lines for stocking and packaging. All that supported by auxiliary facilities that incorporate the best available technologies in water control and air treatment.
"This is a fully automated and centrally controlled plant. It will ensure that we produce top-quality abrasives in an efficient and flexible manner. This way we will better and faster adapt to the changing needs of our customers and be able to specialize in the production of premium products, with an added-value for our customers", emphasizes Luis Resusta, Winoa Iberica Managing Director.
Winoa Group signed an agreement with the local authorities of Balmaseda, Biscay Regional Government and Basque Government.

Sustainable shot production for a global market

Steel shot use for surface treatments is usual in many industrial sectors: Road, rail and naval transport, petrochemical industry and pipelines.
This plant has been designed with the best available techniques in order to reduce its environmental footprint. Winoa has installed dust collection systems to ensure a clean environment inside and outside the plant, heat recovery systems, LED lighting with motion sensors and a water treatment facility.

About the Winoa Group

The Winoa Group is world leader in its field thanks to its 10,000 customers in 120 different countries who trust the company. To maintain its position as market leader, it aims to constantly renew its products and its services that are provided by technical experts and its 6 Test and Research centers. "This new factory is an excellent example of our four strategic pillars: by offering the highest standards in terms of safety and environment, it contributes to making us a company of choice. Thanks to our ultra-modern equipment, this factory will enable us to optimize our operational efficiency, which will guarantee our competitiveness, ensuring that we stay ahead of market trends. And finally, by focusing its operations on Premium products and new industrial applications, it strengthens our position as a privileged partner in terms of customer services for surface preparation", highlights Pierre Escolier, CEO of the Winoa Group. The Winoa group has 1,000 collaborators, 11 industrial plants, 80 sales offices and warehouses in 30 countries.

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