VOL. 22 January ISSUE YEAR 2021

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in Vol. 22 - January Issue - Year 2021
ICSP14, here is the new date!
Mario Guagliano

Mario Guagliano

The last time I wrote my editorial for Metal Finishing News I was sad, since I had to announce the postponement of ICSP14 from September 2020 to 2021, date to be defined.
And since that time, I and my colleagues of the International and the Local Organizing Committees have been thinking about the best time for the conference.
No need to say that the main concern was about the trend of the COVID pandemic: what will be confronting us next year? Will people be able to feel happy to travel and fly?  What is the best period to be sure that the emergency is over? 
Indeed, the present situation is changing day by day, with the infection rate going up and down and still with serious restrictions on a local and international scale. 
Indeed, Milan is seriously affected by the pandemic and even if the numbers now are getting better, my feeling is that many people could be afraid to visit such a nice city next year.
Bearing in mind all these thoughts, I am happy to announce that the 14th International Conference on Shot Peening (ICSP14) has been definitively moved to September 13-16, 2022.  
The expectation of everyone is that at that time, Covid-19 will just be a memory and that we are back to normal life with no restrictions related to our mobility. We know that 2022 seems so far away, but time is always flying, so we are now at work for the organization of the event.
I am happy that the members of the International Scientific Committee have already confirmed their willingness to stay involved: I am sure that with their experience, expertise and skills, they will make a great contribution to maintain the high scientific level of the conference. 
We have also contacted those who have sent us an abstract, asking if they are willing to maintain the submitted contribution or if they prefer to submit a new one; additionally, we are now defining the deadlines for the new call for abstracts and papers submission.
About the location, Milan remains an exciting city, with many historical monuments and architectural masterpieces, and is one of the international capitals of fashion and design. 
I am sure you will enjoy a walk through the center of the city, a visit to the museums, or an outdoor aperitif along the river. We are also organizing social activities in the area surrounding Lake Como, a very well-known scenic spot and appreciated everywhere for the wonderful landscape, the botanical gardens and the historical villas. We will keep you posted: please visit www.icsp14.org for more updated information and ... save the date in your calendar!

Special Guest Editor for January 2021
Mario Guagliano, Contributing Editor 
MFN and Full Professor at the 
Technical University of Milan
E-mail: mario.guagliano@polimi.it