VOL. 2 March ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - March Issue - Year 2001
Pouring furnace and shot blast machine for Georg Fischer Automobilguss GmbH, Singen / Germany
hanger-type blast cleaning system

hanger-type blast cleaning system

This order placed with DISA Industrie AG in Schaffhausen and DISA Industrieanlagen GmbH in Karlsruhe includes a DISA CONTAPOUR pouring furnace with a capacity of 13 t and a hanger-type blast cleaning system. This new equipment will be used for the production of advanced components for the automotive industry.

The contact pouring system is equipped with two pour boxes as two flasks are poured in parallel at one time. To achieve different positions, movement of the pour boxes is infinitely variable. The filled boxes are lowered onto the sprue areas of the mould and pressed on them by applying a light, specified force The pouring furnace operates in combination with a DISA pure magnesium converter.

Subsequent treatment of castings is another important step within the entire process. The clusters are removed from the mould by a handling device and suspended on the travelling devices of a monorail system. Via a loop system, the clusters then pass several times through the hanger-type blast cleaning system equipped with 12 blast wheels. The extraordinarily space-saving design allows optimum use of energy and abrasive whilst ensuring reliable blast cleaning without impact damage to the casting surface. The abrasive feed is controlled electronically for each blast wheel.
Technical data of the plant:
-Dimensions of clusters: 1000 x 350 x 750 mm
-Capacity: 242 clusters incl.
returns or 20 t/h
The system is designed for an expansion of capacity at a later date.

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