in Vol. 22 - July Issue - Year 2021
Major Order From MEILLER

As a global player, the family company MEILLER has been writing its success story since 1850. Characterised by continuous growth, MEILLER expanded its range of services and expertise and, as a system supplier, developed into the market leader in the construction, waste disposal and commercial vehicle industries.
A new surface processing center is currently being built at the Czech plant in Slaný. For the new KTL coating of the dump trucks, the order for an automatic AGTOS roller conveyor shot-blast machine of type RT 32-10 has now been placed under the project management of MEGA-TEC s.r.o. The machine is designed for the blasting of welded constructions up to 2,550 mm in width, 950 mm in height and 7,500 mm in length. The order for a post-blast room has been given to SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH. SLF also supplies the lamella-type conveyors in front of the blast room and between the roller conveyors. These bring the abrasive back into the cycle and thus ensure that the system operates economically. The exhaust air from the blasting machine and the blast room is extracted and cleaned using reliable cartridge filter systems from AGTOS.
The teams from AGTOS and SLF are happy about the trust of the clients MEGA-TEC s.r.o. and MEILLER. Together they will provide an important component for one of the leading surfacing centers in Europe.

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