VOL. 24 March ISSUE YEAR 2023


in Vol. 24 - March Issue - Year 2023
Optimal Blasting of Fasteners
Three AGTOS drum-type blasting machines in an automated process

Three AGTOS drum-type blasting machines in an automated process

In the Spotlight

AGTOS was founded in 2001 in Emsdetten by employees with experience in this sector. More than 160 employees are now employed at the two locations. Concepts are developed and shot blasting machines designed in Emsdetten, the headquarters of the company. The manufacturing site is located in the Polish city of Konin, near Poznań. The constant focus on the requirements of the customers means that the company is regarded as a specialist in the design and manufacture of shot blasting equipment for roughing, cleaning, rust removal, descaling and hardening. This is why customers on all five continents work with shot blasting machines from AGTOS. In addition to new shot blasting machinery, AGTOS also offers used blasting systems. This is an advantage for customers who need a blasting machine at very short notice or only wish to use it temporarily. The abrasive used in shot blasting machines not only affects workpiece surfaces. The abrasive impact is also noticeable in the blasting machines themselves. This is why service (i.e. stocking and delivery) and the installation of spare and wear parts play an important role. Added to this are maintenance, repair and modernization work on machines from other manufacturers which are at all times realized by experienced skilled personnel.

The processing of the surfaces of fasteners has a decisive influence on their functionality and durability. Therefore, care and the right concept are good prerequisites for high-quality products.
The wheel blasting technology is often used for the processing of fasteners. AGTOS has already convinced many customers from the industry and is now presenting itself for the first time from 21-23 March, 2023 at the Fastener Fair in Stuttgart, Hall 5, Stand No. 2910. The trade fair visitor learns what is important and which differences and details make a really good surface. In addition to the aspects of blasting technology, the trade fair team also addresses issues such as energy efficiency, economy and safe production.
Realized solutions for the surface treatment of screw connections of different sizes are shown using the example of drum and rubber belt tumble blast machines. The machines are filled in batches with automatic loading devices. The combination of several machines offers the possibility to build up a continuous production. In addition to increasing the capacity through additional machines, non-productive times can be reduced and downtimes compensated for.

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