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in Vol. 24 - July Issue - Year 2023
INDUSTRIAL NEWS: Second Managing Director at AGTOS
Left: Antonius Heitmann, Managing Director at AGTOS; Right: Andreas Bügener, Second Managing Director at AGTOS

Left: Antonius Heitmann, Managing Director at AGTOS; Right: Andreas Bügener, Second Managing Director at AGTOS

In the Spotlight

About AGTOS: Competence in shot blasting technology AGTOS has been on the market for over twenty years, with approximately 160 employees working at the two locations. In Emsdetten, the company’s headquarters, the concept development as well as the construction of the shot blasting machines takes place, which the production is located in the Polish town of Konin near Poznań. Shot blasting machines are used for cleaning, derusting, roughening, solidifying, and finishing (optical enhancement) of surfaces. Work pieces made of metal are predominantly processed, but the blasting effect can also be used on concrete and plastic parts. Since the size and weight of the parts to be processed vary greatly, the machines are often adapted to the specific requirements or specially developed for this purpose. The constant focus on customer requirements means that the company is also regarded nationwide as a specialist in the design and manufacturing of shot blasting machines, especially for foundries. Therefore, customers on all five continents work with blasting machines from AGTOS. In addition to new shot blasting machines, AGTOS offers used blasting machines, which is advantageous for companies that need a blasting machine at very short notice or only use it temporarily. The abrasive used in the wheel blasting machines does not only have an effect on the work piece surfaces. The abrasive effect is also noticeable in the blasting machines. Therefore, service, i.e. the stocking and delivery as well as the installation of spare and wear parts, plays a major role. In addition, maintenance, repair, and modernization work is also carried out on machines from other manufacturers. These are always carried out by experienced specialist personnel.

With the appointment of Andreas Bügener as Second Managing Director, the next generation is also promoted in the management team at the shot blasting machine manufacturer AGTOS.

In the presence of the shareholders and the staff of the headquarters in Emsdetten, Managing Director Antonius Heitmann introduced Mr Bügener as the second man at the top during a company meeting.

This gives customers, suppliers, and other business partners of AGTOS the confidence to continue the forward-looking and close cooperation.

The mechanical engineering company, founded in 2001, has been preparing for the future for several years. First, investments were made in the buildings at the headquarters in Emsdetten and the production plant in Konin, Poland. Then, a comprehensive ERP system was introduced for both locations. The associated process changes necessitated personnel changes in the staff and for some department managers. The appointment of Andreas Bügener as Managing Director is the logical next step.

Andreas Bügener, who comes from the region and has a technical background and several years of sales and project experience, values common goals on which everyone can work together effectively. Previously, he was Managing Director of the Belgian subsidiary of a larger and international group of companies.

Right at the beginning, he emphasizes that he considers the topics of digitization, sustainability, and customer loyalty essential for a successful future for AGTOS, which will allow AGTOS to continue its successful development.

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