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2nd Generation Media Flow Rate Valves: The Whole Range!
The 8 PA magneticValves cover a media flow rate from 5-1500 kg/min for air pressure and wheel applications

The 8 PA magneticValves cover a media flow rate from 5-1500 kg/min for air pressure and wheel applications

PA microwaveValve with 2 sizes for nonferrous and ferrous media: 15kg/min and 100 kg/min

PA microwaveValve with 2 sizes for nonferrous and ferrous media: 15kg/min and 100 kg/min

1 PA FlowMaster can operate up to 4 valves for great cost savings

1 PA FlowMaster can operate up to 4 valves for great cost savings

In 2017, Peening Accessories brought its first media flow rate valve onto the market. Roughly 7 years later, it introduces the 2nd generation. The latest series covers the whole range, from precision air pressure peening up to high volume wheel blasting, this, with a total of 8 magneticValves ranging from 5 kg/min to 1500 kg/min. In addition, it also offers 2 microwaveValves for nonferrous media that can handle a flow rate of up to 100 kg/min. This is combined with an again improved Flow Master to control up to 4 valves.

PA magneticValve: The Whole Range

For a manufacturer of peening and blasting equipment, it is fundamental to have access to the full range of flow rate valves. For such a key element, switching from one supplier to another, depending on the required flow rate, is in most cases not an option. This regardless of certain technical advantages one supplier may have. Therefore the German company Peening Accessories GmbH is very pleased to be able to have now valves that cover a flow rate ranging from 5 kg/min up to 1500 kg/min. These patented valves fulfil all known international standards such as SAE AMS 2430, AMS 2432, etc. Since the valves have no moving parts, they are very low in maintenance costs. They are designed in such a fashion that they can be perfectly used for retrofitting. 

Flow Rate Accuracy:

While the specified flow rate accuracy is still maintaining at +/-5% of the full range, on request, a special full-scale accuracy of +/-1% can be achieved. It only requires special adjustments and calibration. That is only implemented if the peening process requires it since global specifications do not normally ask for such an accuracy.

Valve with Shock Resistant Touchscreen:

The screen in each valve offers convenience when troubleshooting and maintaining the valves. Technicians can operate the valve on site, especially if it is in a very high or difficult-to-reach location. The screen also improves the overall technological content of the machine, performing as a new generation machine model. Furthermore, it provides operational information and status without resorting to other links. It also allows that a customer logo be integrated upon request.

Calibrated according to ISO 17025:

To give the calibration upmost credibility, all valves are going to be calibrated according to ISO 17025, which is most likely the strictest specification for such calibrations. All calibration records are on demand accessible for the customer. The ISO 17025 accreditation should be ready in the coming months.

PA microwaveValve: For nonferrous media

The world's first microwave assisted media flow rate unit to shot peen and blast with nonferrous media has been introduced to market in the year 2020. The valves have a non-contact-based sensing mechanism for both ferrous and nonferrous media. The devices fulfil, just as PA's other valves, all requirements of the SAE AMS 2430, AMS 2432 and above.  

Microwave Technology:

The proposed media dosage unit creates a homogenous measurement field of the media flow and thereby detects and controls the media flow rate. This technology is based upon the Doppler effect; wherein on encountering an object, the microwaves will either be reflected, absorbed or pass through the object. The amount of which will depend on the composition of the object encountered. The microwave sensor in the dosage unit incorporates a transceiver which is positioned into the material process pipe. If a particle is moving into that field, it will be accounted for and evaluated. The corresponding signal of the microwave sensor will then be evaluated to give a corresponding mass flow output.

The 2nd generation of microwaveValves allow also a real-time closed-loop reaction. There are 2 types of valve sizes available for 15 kg/min and 100 kg/min.

Improved PA FlowMaster Control Inputs

The 2nd generation of PA flow rate controllers have a FPGA technology, that works without any delay. That means all sensor feedback is in real-time and synchronized. The advantage of such a real-time control is a greater stability of the flow rate. This is a huge step, because with a slower control loop that used to last several seconds, the flow rate control always reacted to a sensor signal that was a few seconds old.  There are a lot of other features that make this patented PA magneticValve in combination to the PA FlowMaster a state-of- the-art design:

  • 1 FlowMaster operates up to 4 valves
  • 7" touchscreen with flexible design
  • Access to up to 6 menu languages
  • Calibrated for up to 4 shot sizes
  • 64 recipes
  • Switching from kg to lb
  • Closed-loop system
  • Adjustable alarm supervision
  • Display of product information
  • Remote commands & recorder output

Alternative Control Options for the Valves:

Epecially for new customers, it is always recommended to use the valves in combination with the PA FlowMaster, as the control input is adapter module based. It allows integration of any possible options for the control input, including but not limited to: 

Contact switch, 0~10V, 0~5V, 1~5V, 4~20mA, 0~20mA, Digital, CAN, RS232, RS485, profinet, TTL, PWM, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, USB, wifi, PC, phone, wifi switch, wifi button, etc.

Penning Accessories to Be 
Worldwide Distributor

The Singapore-based company Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd develops the valves from the very beginning exclusively for Peening Accessories GmbH, which distributes them worldwide. The valves' development is a joint development with research institutes in Singapore. 

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