VOL. 25 January ISSUE YEAR 2024


in Vol. 25 - January Issue - Year 2024
Optimum Shot Blast Technology for Castings
AGTOS wire mesh conveyor shot blast machine

AGTOS wire mesh conveyor shot blast machine

AGTOS will present information about the latest trends in shot blast technology on the occasion of the EUROGUSS trade fair, which will take place from 16 to 18 January 2024, in Nuremberg, Germany.

The surface treatment of complex cast workpieces made from aluminium or magnesium continues to become ever more sophisticated. The reproducibility of the shot blasting process for mass-produced parts is of particular importance in this context. Visitors will gain an overview of how reproducibility is taken into account during the conception phase and how it is put into practice. 

AGTOS has designed and developed special shot blasting systems for treating lightweight parts and aluminium and magnesium castings. Aluminium is also often used as an abrasive material. Explore what we have learned in the process.

When investing in a shot blasting system, the overhead costs are of vital importance. The AGTOS Service APP addresses digital development and provides new customer benefits. It is available for download at the usual Android and Apple stores. 

Using the app, AGTOS service technicians can give tips and instruction on maintenance and repair work. These can be translated simultaneously on request. The service technician sees exactly the same as the person onsite. This way, the situation can be best appraised and analysed. Supplementary documents such as drawings, illustrations and photos can be shared to provide detailed explanations. The entire activity is documented so that it is available for later digital (replay) purposes. Test the possibilities directly at the exhibition stand.

The power of existing shot blasting machines can be increased so that turbines specially designed for this purpose work more gently. The abrasive consumption is reduced. The exhibition team will also provide more information.

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