VOL. 7 March ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - March Issue - Year 2006
MFN Opens Local Offices In The USA, Canada, England, Singapore And Taiwan

Besides organising larger international shot peening workshops and trade shows, MFN has improved its local training means by opening offices in 5 different countries. Depending on the region, training is available in English, French, German or Chinese. Other languages are in preparation.

What is the purpose of such local MFN offices?

The main task of a local office is to respond quicker to shot peening training requirements. Since many companies who have to pass an audit or fulfil certain specifications are required to train their staff, this demand has been ever increasing. 

This additional service is designed for customers who either need training on a short notice, do not wish to travel to another country or simply have special language requirements. The target group for this education program are organizations, most likely in the automotive, aviation and spring industries, which have several peening machines and a team of operators. For such an audience MFN will offer a shot peening training for a minimum of 5 people per course per day.

Who shall attend local training?

This training will give operators and supervisors theoretical and hands-on(*) training for their activities within a workshop surrounding. For that group of people MFN likes to offer a platform to periodically update and refresh their shot peening knowledge. The training is also suitable for newcomers in this field.

Who designed this training?

A team of MFN trainers from 9 different countries was selected and companies within the peening industry were contacted from around the globe to donate training material. The creation of this program has been a real team effort, not just by the MFN trainers, but also by a number of companies which normally compete against each other. And this is especially worthy of mention - the common understanding that there is a need within the peening industry to establish a qualified training program and to create the spirit to do this together.

(*): hands-on training depends on course

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