VOL. 7 March ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - March Issue - Year 2006
Polymer-Based Super-Finishing Solution

A valve and a piston pin that were treated with FiCSo technology

A valve and a piston pin that were treated with FiCSo technology

In the Spotlight

FriCSo - Friction Control Solutions owns proprietary technologies and has developed two leading solutions: FriCSo Super-Finishing and Surface Engineering Treatment (SET), which reduce friction between metal parts and its resulting costs. FriCSo SET is a two-stage process that combines a surface texturing technique (vibro-grooving) and FriCSo’s proprietary polymer lapping. FriCSo was founded in 2003 and its experts have 45 years of accumulated tribology knowledge. FriCSo maintains its headquarters near Detroit, Michigan. The company’s R&D center is located in the Tirat Hacarmel Industrial Zone, Israel.

Breakthrough solution produces low roughness while hardening the metal surface using a single mechanical process

Farmington Hills, MI, January 17, 2006. FriCSo - Friction Control Solutions, today announced FriCSo Super-Finishing, a patent-pending mechanical lapping process that uses a unique FriCSo-developed polymer. The innovative process creates an organic layer that bonds into the metal surface through chemical reaction.
The single process significantly improves the surface roughness average (Ra), mean roughness depth (Rz) amplitude and the Bearing Area Curve (BAC), while increasing surface hardness.
“FriCSo’s super-finishing solution is not a coating but delivers coating-like performance at a fraction of the time, cost and maintenance required by traditional solutions,” said Kostia Mandel, FriCSo Vice President R&D. “It improves cost-effectiveness of existing super-finishing processes, including the reduction of process time and cost of tools.”
FriCSo-treated metal parts enjoy significant reduction in coefficient of friction (COF), thus enabling improved energy efficiency in engines, have high wear resistance, and demonstrate excellent performance under extreme tribological conditions where boundary and mixed lubrication regimes are encountered.
The solution can be easily adapted by the user to existing lapping machines.
FriCSo Super-Finishing may be applied on cylindrical parts, on flat surfaces and on a variety of metals.  It is commercially viable for mass production or small quantities. FriCSo solutions address the needs of a variety of industries, such as the automotive, heavy-duty, agriculture and hydraulics industries.
Environmentally-friendly, the solution does not use hazardous waste materials or produce waste products.  No coating is needed.

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