VOL. 7 March ISSUE YEAR 2006


in Vol. 7 - March Issue - Year 2006
Model 600 Rubber Belt Blaster

Viking Blast & Wash Systems announces the release of their new and improved Model 600 Rubber Belt Blaster. This machine is ideal for applications ranging from commercial foundries to automotive rebuilders for the high speed processing of parts that can be tumbled in the blast machine’s rubber blast cavity.  The Model 600 has many new and improved features to help increase the machine’s life span and improve efficiency. A new lower auger system provides longer wear.  The 15HP, high velocity, center-fed blast wheel is capable of throwing 300 pounds of abrasive at speeds of 300 feet per second.
Additionally, the increased horsepower transfer to the blade tip reduces blast cycle time. This machine is also equipped with a “Viking Guard,” which is a sensitive belt braking system that stops the belt rotation in the event of a jam to keep parts from tearing the belt. Other standard features include a pneumatic blast cabinet door and a safety interlock that prevents door opening during operation, protecting the operator from harm.
The fully adjustable lip type separator ensures optimal abrasive cleaning. Rotary drum screens may be added to remove large contaminants from the abrasive stream prior to entering the lip separator.  Optional AC inverters may also be added to vary wheel speeds in applications that require true peening results.
Viking Blast and Wash Systems has been manufacturing heavy duty, rugged
industrial equipment for industrial applications for over 27 years.  They offer 55 standard sizes and styles of blast cleaning and parts washing equipment including tumble blast, table blast, vibratory, chainbelt, spinner hanger, skewroll, pass through monorail, roller table styles. Custom engineered equipment is also available.

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