MFN Trainer Column

in Vol. 7 - November Issue - Year 2006
A Short Review on Some of MFN's Accomplishments in 2006
MFN Trainer Marco Klijsen

MFN Trainer Marco Klijsen

This column is a regular feature and is written by one of our MFN trainers or the Editorial Office. Readers are invited to send comments or questions to <A href="mailto:info@mfn.li">info@mfn.li</A>. For more information about the trainers, see our website <A href="http://www.mfn.li/workshops">www.mfn.li/workshops</A>.

You are about to read the last issue of MFN in 2006. This means that the year will come to an end shortly and we will all soon sit beside a Christmas tree thinking back on the many memorable moments of this year.
For me personally it has been a remarkable year having in mind the targets we achieved as MFN Trainer Team.

First of all of course the “birth” of our 1st edition of the book Shot Peening - A Dynamic Application and its Future. This is a worthy collection of practical know-how and technological references. A unique document, written and created by many different experts in their field. The book which is recognized by global experts as a highly recommended and very useful guide and training reference to industries, is a result of a motivated team of authors. I am happy that I was (and still am) part of this unique team of 17 authors in one book on one and the same topic. The book is of high importance to the team of MFN trainers, as we all share the same goal and commitment, bringing the technique of shot peening closer to the industries.

We are very pleased to see that the book is successfully accepted in the industries as being useful and helpful. Many companies already gained benefits from the technical articles and subjects in the book.

Furthermore we are really glad that the book has been added to technical libraries of many universities all over the world. This is an excellent sign as we will thus communicate directly to the next generation of people being involved in shot peening. We are really proud that, at the time of writing this article, we already have sold 25% of the printed copies. This is even more than we could dream of.

Also our on-site training is booming. We are trying to deal with the ever increasing demand. Since many companies, especially in the aviation industries, have to pass audits which require their staff to be frequently educated in a particular process, training becomes a must. MFN just integrated a new FAA accepted "Recertification Shot Peening Course" to address this demand. MFN trainers around the globe conducted on-site training for far over 100 people in 2006. And this number does not include the participants of MFN's international and local workshops. Including those events MFN provided training for around 300 people in 2006.

Depending on the course, MFN has means to carry out training in English, German, French and Chinese. Other languages such as Japanese and Italian are in preparation. Naturally, for such ambitious goals, an organization needs to rely on a great team. With almost 20 MFN trainers, coming from 12 different countries, MFN is able to do training on a global base.

In 2006, MFN opened offices in Singapore, Taiwan, England, Canada and the U.S.A.. With these facilities we would like to improve our regional services. Customers shall communicate directly with their local trainers and in their native language without the need to contact the headquarters.

This all to realize the dream of the MFN Trainer Team: Bringing the technique of shot peening closer to the industries.

Best Regards

Marco Klijsen

Author: Marco Klijsen