VOL. 8 May ISSUE YEAR 2007


in Vol. 8 - May Issue - Year 2007
5th International Trade Fair for Parts Cleaning, in Stuttgart for the First Time

Floor space will be scarce at parts2clean 2007. Neuffen – Where industrial parts cleaning is concerned, parts2clean is the number one trade fair for suppliers and users alike. Apparently, relocation to the new Stuttgart Exhibition Centre is significantly enhancing exhibitor appeal of the leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts Cleaning, which will take place from the 9th through the 11th of October, 2007: End of January 80% of the floor space available for the trade fair has already been booked.

“No other trade fair presents such comprehensive offerings for the industrial parts cleaning process sequence” – this is the conclusion reached by visitors and exhibitors at parts2clean 2006. In order to further expand the event’s position as the leading trade fair for industrial parts cleaning, parts2clean will be promoted at the new Stuttgart Exhibition Centre as of 2007. “Relocation to the new Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, which offers outstanding travel connections and is located in one of the world’s most dynamic economic regions, will further boost the success of our exhibitors and increase interest in parts2clean both inside and outside of Germany”, explains Hartmut Herdin, managing director of promoter fairXperts GmbH. The reality of the experienced trade fair entrepreneur’s statement is made apparent by the fact that 80% of the floor space available for the event has already been reserved. “Due to other events taking place at the same time at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, we don’t have any more room for expansion at parts2clean 2007 from 9 through 11 October. But we’ll be able to take advantage of a second pavilion at the 2008 event”, clarifies Hartmut Herdin.

Mutli-Industry Offerings for Efficient Parts Cleaning

Roughly 140 companies from 10 countries have already registered for parts2clean 2007 nine months before the event opens its doors. These include nearly all of the renowned suppliers of cleaning and drying systems for components and parts made of metal, glass, plastic and ceramic. And the exhibitor list already includes world class manufacturers in the fields of handling and automation systems, washing racks, baskets and workpiece carrier systems, devices and systems for cleanliness testing and quality assurance, systems and devices for bath maintenance, alternative cleaning processes such as CO2, laser, plasma and dry cleaning, corrosion protection and packaging, as well as consultation, services and research.
Thanks to its focus on the industrial parts cleaning process sequence, parts2clean provides solutions for companies from a wide variety of industries including the automotive industry and its suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, the valves and sanitary fittings industry, drive technology and fluid technology, the electrical and electronics industries, household appliance manufacturing, food processing, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, optics, precision engineering, medical engineering, the clock making industry and maintenance and repair, as well as turning and galvanising shops, hardening plants and surface coating operations. The advantage for expert visitors is the fact that they’re presented with all of the relevant information in a targeted, comprehensive and efficient fashion. 89.2% of all visitors at parts2clean 2006 were satisfied to very satisfied with the results of their trade fair visit.

parts2clean with Expert Forum and Special Show

In addition to exhibitor presentations, parts2clean 2007 will also host an attractive supplementary program. Highlights will include the time tested expert forum which was taken advantage of by 1500 visitors at last year’s event in order to enhance their know-how covering all aspects of industrial parts cleaning. The promoter and the exhibitors will also provide food for thought with regard to the optimisation of cleaning processes with a special show regarding the industrial parts cleaning process sequence.

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