VOL. 2 November ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - November Issue - Year 2001
Shot Maintenance and Shot Quality Control
Sweco sieve

Sweco sieve

Belt shape classifier used for different sizes

Belt shape classifier used for different sizes

In the Spotlight

GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Peening Job Shop and mainly works for the Aviation Industry. It holds a source approval from the world's largest aircraft manufacturer and is ISO 9001 certified.

GT-Baiker Metal Finishing Pte Ltd is a ISO 9001 certified peening job shop in Singapore which has taken an extra step to insure they have a shot maintenance and shot quality control that meets the highest requirements such as e.g. AMS 2431.

The shot peening equipment used in this workshop does include a standard Sweco sieve to insure the right size of the media, but also integrates a so called "belt" shape classification system unique in Singapore. The Swiss made belt shape classification technology allows to separate broken and deformed shots from the system. This would not normally be detected by a sieve. The speciality of this belt shape classifier is that in comparison to the spiral type it can handle all sizes of media. The adjustment for a different media is reached by changing the velocity and alignment of the belts according to requirement. This belt shape classifier can either always divert a certain amount of media while the machine is in operation or shape classify a whole media silo at once. If required this device can be used for various machines.
However, in order to double-check  the results, media samples are taken frequently and examined separately. These additional tests include a sieve analysis and a shape analysis using a 20x binocular. The avoid any possible mistake a sample is even taken from brand new media, to reconfirm the hardness specified in the documentation of the supplier. The results are recorded and filed for references and audits.

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