in Vol. 10 - March Issue - Year 2009
Otto Suhner GmbH In Germany Donates High End Motor For MFN's Training Centre In Altena

MFN offers flap peening courses in its training centres and on-site at a customer's facility around the globe. Such flap peening training has been carried out in Europe, North America, Japan, Singapore, Dubai and South Africa. Flap peening or, as it is sometimes called, self-contained peening or Roto peening is a special case of manual peening used for small areas or for reworking parts.

MFN recently received a high end ROTOMAX motor with flexible shaft to be used for its training centre in Altena, Germany. MFN has been looking for such a motor for quite some time, since demands, especially in the aviation industry, are getting very stringent. Some of the customers using flap peening equipment demand a motor that comes with a rpm accuracy of +/-2 % within the specified rpm range. On top of that the motor must include a RPM display. That is a requirement that many motor manufactures can not fulfill.
The design employed in the new Rotomax takes full account of the exacting demands made on contemporary industrial machinery. It satisfies each and every requirement the market expresses today in terms of performance, ease of use and safety. 
The Suhner ROTOMAX 1.5 - Flexible Shaft Machine, which comes including a stand is a most powerful drive for various tasks. A keypad on top of the housing makes selecting the desired speed – shown in a display – both quick and easy. Electronic speed regulation is implemented here. The new motor system delivers up to 1,500 Watts and rotates at between 500 and 15,000 rpm, and of course continuously adjustable. Everything is adjusted and controlled digitally. Soft start, stable speeds and an active brake are the decisive advantages of the unit's electronic control. Low speeds down to 500 rpm are also possible with this system. Power isn't the same as mass: The high-performance motor in the metal housing is robust, but thanks to its light and compact design it is also suitable for portable use. There is also a superb range of suitable flexible shafts and tools. Countless possible combinations ensure maximum flexibility. The motor has a power output 1,500 Watts, a power consumption of 2,200 Watts and a shaft connection of DIN 10. The supply voltage is 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase and its weight is 27 kg.

MFN would like to thank Otto Suhner GmbH and especially Peter Henkes for the kind support and help in this matter.  This new equipment will certainly be a benefit to all participants of a MFN flap peening training in Altena.

For Information of the Rotomax Motor: 
Peter Henkes  
Otto Suhner GmbH, Germany
Tel. +49.7761.557-0, Fax: 7761.557-190
E-mail: info.de@suhner.com

For Information on Flap Peening:
Tel. +41.44.8312644
E-mail: info@mfn.li, www.mfn.li