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PaintExpo – Leading International Trade Fair For Industrial Coating Technology
Juergen Haussmann, Managing Director of FairFair GmbH

Juergen Haussmann, Managing Director of FairFair GmbH

PaintExpo will present the world

PaintExpo will present the world

The preliminary list of exhibitors already includes almost all of the market leaders from the field of industrial coating technology

The preliminary list of exhibitors already includes almost all of the market leaders from the field of industrial coating technology

In the Spotlight

PaintExpo, leading international trade fair for industrial coating technologies, will take place at the Exhibition Centre in Karlsruhe, Germany, from the 13th through the 16th of April, 2010. Further information and a preliminary list of exhibitors are available at www.paintexpo.de

PaintExpo is focused exclusively on the process sequence for industrial coating technologies – a concept which meets actual market requirements. Otherwise there would be no explanation for the fact that so many businesses and service providers from the sector are participating at the leading international trade fair despite economically difficult times. MFN discussed this subject matter with Juergen Haussmann, managing director of trade fair organizers FairFair GmbH.

(?) MFN: PaintExpo will take place for the third time this year and has already achieved the status of a leading international trade fair. What are the reasons for this?

(!) J. H.: At PaintExpo, we concentrate exclusively on the process sequence for industrial coating technologies. We provide in-depth offerings within this field, ranging from cleaning and pre-treatment, right on up to liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating, as well as quality control. This of course also includes issues such as automation, paint stripping, environmental engineering, recycling, disposal, accessories and technical literature. The market and technology leaders from nearly all exhibition segments are represented at PaintExpo.
As a result of these highly representative and comprehensive offerings, PaintExpo has international appeal for users of industrial coating technologies. At the same time, as opposed to so-called surface finishing trade fairs, the exhibitors know that the visitors come to the event exclusively to gather information on coating technologies. And thus PaintExpo is highly efficient for both groups – and that’s what counts nowadays.

(?) MFN: How many exhibitors are you expecting this year?

(!) J. H.: We, as well as our exhibitors, are of course also feeling the effects of the economic crisis. Unfortunately, some of our exhibitors have become insolvent, which has led to cancellations. On the other hand, we’ve been able to gain significant new exhibitors including BASF Coatings, CWS Powder Coatings, Pulverit, Relius Coatings and Tiger Coatings in the field of painting, and I’m confident that we’ll reach our targeted goal of roughly 300 exhibitors.

(?) MFN: Is blasting technology also part of the exhibition portfolio for PaintExpo?

(!) J. H.: Yes, of course. On the one hand, this involves companies who offer CO2 snow blasting systems for cleaning and pre-treatment of plastic parts which will be subsequently painted. In the field of blasting with solid media, which is used for pre-treatment before painting as well as for paint stripping, market leader Rösler Oberflächentechnik has also decided to participate at PaintExpo for the first time.

(?) MFN: How do you explain these outstanding participation figures, even in the currently difficult economic situation?

(!) J. H.: Even in economically challenging times, suppliers and service providers of industrial coating technology need a strong trade fair in order to maintain existing business relations and develop new customers. On the other hand, users need a clearly focused information and procurement source in order to operate existing systems more economically, or to secure and expand their competitive edge with new investments.

(?) MFN: In your opinion, what are currently the greatest challenges for companies with in-house painting operations?

(!) J. H.: First of all, the issues of efficiency, quality and flexibility. That is to say, many companies need to become more flexible, in order to be able to paint or coat smaller lot quantities economically, and maintain high quality standards at the same time. Requirements resulting from tougher environmental regulations, which are becoming stricter and stricter around the world, represent another challenge. Both are leading to a considerable need for new investment in the field of industrial coating technologies.

(?) MFN: Which solutions does PaintExpo offer in these areas?

(!) J. H.: Efficiency, quality and flexibility can frequently be improved by increasing the degree of automation. For example, the use of painting robots results in better reproducibility of painting results, a reduced scrap rate, and thus better quality in general with lower costs.
System technology can also contribute to reduced operating costs. For example, significantly improved application efficiency and matching of the spray pattern to workpiece geometry can be achieved with modern paint guns, which allows for considerable savings with regard to paint consumption. Another approach to reducing material consumption involves intelligent paint logistics with flexible paint feeding systems. On the one hand, pigging systems make it possible to reclaim unused paint from the feed lines and, on the other hand, specified quantities of paint can be delivered to the application equipment in a targeted fashion.
Where powder coating is concerned, the manufacturers are currently developing solutions with lower baking temperature requirements. Systems are already available which cure at temperatures of 120 to 130° C. In addition to energy savings, these systems allow for increased productivity as well. Beyond this, the low-temperature systems make it possible to powder coat plastics and composites which had to be liquid painted just a few years ago.
As far as reclaiming overspray is concerned, innovative, electrostatic deposition systems not only allow for considerably higher degrees of deposition, they also reduce energy and water consumption significantly.

(?) MFN: Which visitors are asking about these solutions?

(!) J. H.: Companies with in-house painting operations as well as job-shop coaters – regardless of whether they’re suppliers to the automotive industry, or come from aviation and aerospace, machinery and equipment manufacturing, energy technology, the packaging, household appliances and furniture industries, or any other sectors where painting or coating is required.

(?) MFN: How many visitors are you expecting this year?

(!) J. H.: Roughly 6000 expert visitors from 43 countries attended PaintExpo in 2008. I assume that we’ll have comparable results in 2010, not least due to the fact that investments were postponed at many companies last year, and increased willingness to start investing is becoming apparent again in the meantime.

MFN would like to thank Juergen Haussmann for this interview.

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