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in Vol. 11 - January Issue - Year 2010
1 Megahertz Ultrasonic Generator From Weber Ultrasonics Mega Ultrasonic Output In The Smallest Of Spaces
The innovative 1

The innovative 1

In the Spotlight

Weber Ultrasonics GmbH was founded by Dieter Weber in 1998 and is based in Karlsbad-Ittersbach in the German region of Baden. Thanks to its high quality, innovative products for ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding and special applications, Weber Ultrasonics has become one of the world’s technological leaders in the space of just a few years and develops and produces customer-specific ultrasonic solutions alongside its standard products. The ultrasonic component manufacturer is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and serves small, medium-sized and large customers from many sectors, including the automotive industry, sanitary engineering, clock-making, electrical engineering and electronics, precision mechanics and optics, surface and cleaning technology, metal processing and PCB manufacture. Two new subsidiaries were founded in 2009: Weber Ultrasonics America and Weber Ultrasonics weld & cut GmbH. Together with its strategic alliance partners, Weber Ultrasonics has bundled the extensive ultrasonic competence of all business partners involved, concentrating it in the new companies at an international level for the areas of ultrasonic welding and cleaning.

Karlsbad – With its innovative 1 MHz ULTRASONIC MICRO CLEANING (UMC) module generator, Weber Ultrasonics has created the ideal conditions for efficient and reproducible cleanliness in microtechnical and nanotechnical production. The 250 and 500 Watt power classes allow the new megasonic device to adapt to individual cleaning requirements. Innovative high-tech components make it possible to achieve maximum performance while demanding a minimum of space: up to six UMC modules can be integrated in a 19" housing. As a result, cleaning systems with a power output of up to 3000 Watt can be put in a single housing, while at the same time sophisticated features guarantee a high level of process safety and reliability.

Photovoltaics, semiconductor technology, precision and micro optics, medical technology, the LIGA process, microsystems and nanotechnology – these areas all demand maximum cleanliness due to their highly sensitive surfaces and finely structured components. Megasonic cleaning is among the most popular cleaning procedures, as the finest nanoscaled-sized particles and film-like dirt can be removed from surfaces non-destructively and without residue just like from troughs within microstructures. Weber Ultrasonics GmbH, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultrasonic components for surface technology, has developed innovative megasonic generators with 250 and 500 Watt power output in 19" technology and transducer systems for this area of application. The Karlsbad-based company’s new UMC generation excels through its outstanding efficiency and reliability as well as an extremely compact design.

High Efficiency –Reliable and Gentle Cleaning

The new UMC generators from Weber Ultrasonics boast maximum stability of all process-relevant parameters thanks to the latest control technology. This in turn leads to optimum coordination between generators and accompanying transducers, ensuring a transmission of energy with virtually no loss. The resulting high degree of efficiency of the UMC cleaning system allows absolutely reliable, reproducible and yet gentle removal of contamination. A further advantage is that the generator can be used in combination with every compatible transducer of the same power class without the need for time-consuming adjustment procedures. The power output can be set steplessly between 10% and 100% via power control, and the UMC generators can be operated manually on the equipment itself, via remote control or from a PC.

Unrivalled Compactness for Space-Saving Cleaning Systems

At the same time, the Karlsbad company offers the "smallest" megasonic module generator with a power output of 500 Watt in the form of the UMC. As up to six generators can be installed inside a 19" housing, powerful 1 MHz cleaning systems that take up a minimum of space can thus be realised. This extremely compact design was made possible through the use of high-tech assemblies and components.

Features for Greater Safety and Reliability Come as Standard

Like all ultrasonic generators from Weber Ultrasonics, the new 1 MHz devices also have a range of features at their disposal for increasing both process and operational safety, including protective functions against short-circuiting, no-load operation and excess temperature. Self-monitoring and transducer monitoring are also integrated, ensuring that the system can only be started if the transducer is functioning. The corresponding error signals are available for process monitoring purposes.

The new UMC generators are available in the configurations Basic, Premium and Touch. The Premium and Touch versions have a display and touch panel for entering the functions. Alongside the 1 MHz device, the new generators are also available with a frequency of 500 kHz for different demanding cleaning tasks.

Customised High Performance Transducer Systems

The SONOSUB submersible transducer system and SONOPLATE plate transducer system from Weber Ultrasonics with 500 and 250 Watt power output are the perfect companions to the 1 MHz and 500 kHz generators. The size of the high performance transducers can be adapted according to customer wishes or the object to be cleaned, such as wafers, thereby increasing the efficiency of the cleaning systems even further.

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