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in Vol. 11 - January Issue - Year 2010
Shot Peening Is The Answer
Christian Hohenstein, Managing Director and Partner Associate of OSK Kiefer Wernau

Christian Hohenstein, Managing Director and Partner Associate of OSK Kiefer Wernau

OSK-Kiefer Wernau (near Stuttgart), Germany

OSK-Kiefer Wernau (near Stuttgart), Germany

MFN spoke to Christian Hohenstein, Managing Director of OSK Kiefer Wernau, near Stuttgart, Germany.

(?) MFN: How would you briefly describe the Shot Peening Process provided by OSK Kiefer Wernau?

(!) C. H.: The Shot Peening Method is a controlled bombardment with spherical particles, where the components made of metallic material are strengthened. These particles work as tiny forge hammers causing a restricted plastic deformation at the component surface layers. In the plasticized zones high compression residual stress is built up, which relieves the component at the surface and increases the fatigue strength as well as the resistance against stress corrosion cracking and wear.

(?) MFN: Which are the fields of application?

(!) C. H.: The fields of application include all metallic components, which are subject to fluctuation and fatigue loads.
• Vehicles and agricultural machinery
• Drive system technology and transmission production
• Internal combustion engines
• Steam and gas turbines
• Compressors and pumps
• Aviation equipment
• Chemical equipment

(?) MFN: What is the effect of shot peening on the different applications?

(!) C. H.: The results of shot peening could improve the parts through
• Usage of the abrasive effect
• Removal of stress concentrations
• After-machining process
• Wear reduction on sliding surfaces
• Reduction of the danger of stress corrosion cracking
• Straightening or forming of metallic components
• Surface stabilization before chromium-plating

(?) MFN: Who is OSK Kiefer GmbH Wernau?

(!) C. H.: OSK Kiefer is one of the leading companies in the field of Shot Peening in Germany. We are active as a service provider in the area of shot peening as a subcontractor and consultant.
One of our main locations is in Wernau near Stuttgart, not far from the airport and within a short distance of the B 313 to the Highway A 8.

(?) MFN: How would you describe OSK’s outlook to a customer?

(!) C. H.: The driving force behind all OSK activities is the firm belief that technology must build bridges between customer and supplier.
Today we are proud to be not just a technology leader in the field of shot peening, but also a solution company with a strong customer focus.

(?) MFN: How do you effectively serve the customer?

(!) C. H.: In the different fields of applications the material improvement by shot peening has to be discussed in all details with the customer. This may lead to changes in the base material to save costs or the improvement could already influence the design parameters of the parts.
In the second step we may conduct tests to verify the predicted results before production starts.

(?) MFN: How much experience is required to serve the customer with the optimal solution?

(!) C. H.: Without the large data bank which OSK has built up throughout the 20 years of experience for the different materials, type and shape of parts and last but not least the shot peeing procedures, we would not be able to give accurate values already during the offering stage.

(?) MFN: For a series of parts how do you ensure repeated results?

(!) C. H.: Since the results have to be repeated for each part and fluctuation should be kept in small tolerances the quality processes have to be in place and be strictly followed.
Today our customers require the Certificate as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002. Certificates from most international registers are also available.
But the most important quality guarantee is the shot peening processes.

(?) MFN: Give us an insight into the market that you serve.

(!) C. H.: We serve all markets that are mentioned above and for applications as single parts, small series as well as large series for the Automotive Industry. This means that our manufacturing plant has to be flexible for the different applications in the available machinery as well as in the know-how of the work force. For large series we have automated and half automated processes.
We are the sub supplier for most of the largest and smaller companies in our area.

(?) MFN: To what extent is R&D employed?

(!) C. H.: To improve the theoretical base knowledge as well the range of applications, we work from time to time together with customers on a research program and with Universities. We have a number of our own measurement instruments, but for specific tests we work together with different Laboratories, for example radiological stress analysis etc. The method of shot peening on a larger scale has been used for 20 years only, therefore many new applications may still be possible. 
(?) MFN: In summary what are the advantages of OSK for the customer?

(!) C. H.: Customers come to us first of all for our competent know-how, fast service, quality of the product, value and flexibility in our manufacturing.
MFN would like to thank Christian Hohenstein for this interview!

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